Iron Deep


“The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people.”
                                                                        - Richard J. Foster

Together, we are

Iron Deep

The Brotherhood Community

We are a unique men's community made of risk-taking, mission-minded male business leaders who vow to go beyond success to fulfill their significant purpose in Christ. We are a band of business brothers who strive to root our identity in the "Father’s Business" and have everything else flow through that filter. We love to win at business & life, just how God designed us. We are not perfect, but broken, messy, and raw, channeling a strong desire to come together, encourage one another, and stand in each other’s corner. We prioritize significance over success–even though we love success.

We long to advance the Father’s Kingdom and understand that God has called us to unite together for his purpose, to encourage one another, and to develop deeper in intimacy with the Father and our fellow brothers. We are stripping away the world's opinion and returning home to our original design. Our foundation rests upon the rock of our creator. We focus on our souls first, and everything else flows through our identity in Christ.

Awakened Men Celebrating

Our mission is to build a community of male entrepreneurs, business owners, or top-performing professionals who encompass the desire to have their identity not be wrapped in what they do, but in who The Father says they are. We welcome men who have experienced success in the business world, but who are longing for something more, something deeper, something long lasting & eternal, discovering the truest sense of their legacy.

We bridge the gap of loneliness & emptiness that many male entrepreneurs feel on a daily basis by meeting regularly, encouraging each other to work toward a common goal, and building success with lasting impact and significance. We grow together by getting radically honest with God, ourselves, and each other, so we can live out our most fulfilled lives.

iron deep exists to help Businessmen fulfill their significant purpose in christ.

Iron Deep

Brett Snodgrass
Founding Shepherd
Jason North
Director of Media