The Secret War Within

An Allegory by Brett Snodgrass

"This is a book you will want to read and pass along to others."
                                                                      - Richard E. Simmons III, Best-Selling Author

A Book for the Driven Entrepreneurs

Our Drive as entrepreneurs is what propels us into success. Drive is what pushes us to accomplish our goals at all costs. Drive is what has gotten us our prestige, wealth, and material benefits for our families.
But when does drive become our enemy instead of our ally? Do we know when we're in control or if the drive is in control making us a slave to it? When is enough enough? Is it ever? And at what cost does drive destroy our relationships, our families, or even our own souls?

This book was written by a driven entrepreneur for driven entrepreneurs. In a brutally honest and introspective look into the hidden recesses of a man's heart, this book is meant to help driven entrepreneurs evaluate their own lives and inner-beings. The Secret War Within was written to help the driven entrepreneurs in their own internal battles they fight daily, that others don't even realize. While it hits some hard and raw issues, it also serves to be a guide for hope and victory.

This is a book that can be helpful for all men to glean from and learn from. Anyone can enjoy this fantastical journey and appreciate the wisdom it has to offer. But it is especially geared toward the driven entrepreneur who understands the secret inward battles in the pursuit of success. It's meant to offer a place of pause, reflection and hope.

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Foreward by Richard E. Simmons III, Best-Selling Author

In the years I have been working with men, I have noticed how so many struggle with feelings of
insecurity, inadequacy, loneliness, and fear. And the frustration they experience is not knowing what to
do about it.

I have found that men avoid examining their lives and they do not seem to want to understand
themselves. They are afraid of what they might discover.

This was true of Nolan Banks, a very successful real estate developer. He had attained every goal he
had ever set for himself: prosperity, a luxurious waterfront home, the woman of his dreams, and a
thriving business. Deep down, he knew most of the people in his community envied his position and
coveted the life he had built.

Though this gave Nolan a great deal of pleasure, he could not understand the unquenchable thirst in his
soul. He was baffled by the nagging emptiness that remained inside of him like an unfillable void.
As he reflected on his life, he recognized the deep yearning he had for his father's approval which he
never received. He concluded that this had somehow affected his development as a man.

Nolan also wondered where God was in the midst of his personal struggles. Had God abandoned him?
As he began to look reality in the eye, Banks recognized that God had not abandoned him but that he
had turned his back on God.

Everything changed for Nolan when a coworker named Henry asked him for a ride home from work.
As they arrived at Henry's home, he reached into his jacket pocket and handed Nolan a small black
envelope. Later, Nolan opened the envelope, and it could be best described as an invitation to go on an

This book is about that adventure. It is allegorical, fast-paced, exciting, and full of mystery and
intrigue. As you vividly witness the transformation of Nolan's life, you will find yourself enlightened
by God's truth.

This is a book you will want to read and pass along to others.

Richard E. Simmons III, best-selling author of The True Measure of a Man, Reliable Truth, The Power of a Humble Life, and more.

I was moved to tears multiple times. This book has the power to heal a heart, to transform a soul...
Scott Landis
This is a must read for anyone who is making huge life sacrifices climbing the corporate ladder ...
JK Moose
This book is one of the few life-changing books I have read. I am a voracious reader, one who consumes 30-40 books a year.
Gary Smith
At moments tears flowed from my eyes ...
James Williams
A driven perspective few are afraid to really share.
Grant Gorman
Every man should read this book.
Craig Vandermaden
The characters are very relatable and deal with the struggles most men face.
Derek H.
Amazing book for anyone struggling with deeper meaning & feeling like they are missing something in life.
Brian Snider

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