Brett Snodgrass

founder of iron deep

"Success shouldn't be the end goal. it should only serve as a platform to make a greater impact in the world."
                                                                      - Brett Snodgrass

Christ-following entrepreneur

Brett Snodgrass has been a real estate investor for 15+ years. He specializes in wholesaling, wholetailing, creative financing, and business scaling. His team at SIMPLE WHOLESALING buys and sells 250+ properties per year and builds passive streams of income by creating 50+ creative financing deals per year.

As both a man of faith and a real estate investor, Brett combines his business knowledge and his faith to bring opportunity to everyone he encounters while spreading the kingdom of God. This is his mission and the purpose in business and in life. Brett is part of the real estate mastermind group The Collective Genius, and he loves to give back to the community by supporting missions and non-profit organizations like Transforming Futures and Agape International Missions.

Brett has been featured on several podcasts and was a premier guest on two BiggerPockets episodes including podcast 231: A Simple Strategy for Doing 25 Deals a Month. For the past 6 years, Brett has also hosted a podcast which is now "The Iron Deep Podcast." He is a sought after speaker who has given key presentations on scaling a real estate investing business to developing a purpose behind the business. He loves to give back all the blessings that God has blessed him with.

Brett recently stepped down as CEO of his real estate business and stepped solely into the owner's box. Since entrusting operations to his incredible team, Brett's business continues to grow and achieve even bigger goals. Handing over his operations was definitely difficult, but Brett felt compelled to minister to other entrepreneurs, like himself, who have faced many struggles and challenges that most other people don't understand.

This led to Brett founding Iron Deep, a safe community of accomplished entrepreneurs and business leaders who encourage each other to understand their true identity in God and fulfill their deeper purposes in life. Brett has a strong desire to help entrepreneurs create healthy relationships at home, develop genuine friendships, sustain physical and mental wellness, and build an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Brett is the father of 4 children, and husband to his lovely wife, Karen. Brett enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and partnering with impactful ministries that help empower the vulnerable to find a safe and thriving path in life.

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