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April 24, 2023

The 5 Biggest Health Mistakes Entrepreneurs Never Talk About

Today, I've got a treat in store for you. No, it's not a chocolate cake with sprinkles – though that does sound mouth watering – but rather, we're diving into the fascinating world of "mistakes."

The 5 Biggest Health Mistakes Entrepreneurs Never Talk About

There's something undeniably entertaining about watching others goof up, isn't there? It's like watching a classic Chris Farley movie where he accidentally slams his face into a glass door; sometimes, observing others' blunders makes us feel better about ourselves.

Jokes aside, today I'll be unveiling the "5 Biggest Health Mistakes Entrepreneurs Never Talk About." I'm letting the cat out of the bag and getting vulnerable because I, too, have made (and still make) these mistakes. These particular errors can have a massive negative impact on our health, and I don't want to see anyone keeling over from exhaustion. So, buckle up and pay close attention, as I'll be sharing my advice on how to avoid these pitfalls.

Mistake #1: No Rest and Hurried

In today's whirlwind culture, we're swamped with distractions, bombarded by countless social media platforms (which I like to call "Crack Media" because they're so addictive), and overwhelmed with work and personal life. It's a boatload to juggle, leaving us with barely any time for ourselves, let alone adequate sleep and rest.

And what's even more astonishing? We actually brag about our lack of sleep! I came across a post on social media where business owners competed to see who slept the least. One said they only got 7 hours, another 5.5 hours, and the "winner" only 4.5 hours! People were praising them, saying things like "You rock! Keep crushing it!" But little do they know, they're slowly killing themselves.

Lack of sleep is worse than smoking, folks! You can't be your best without proper rest. They call it beauty sleep for a reason. Even God took a break after creating the world, so why shouldn't we?

LeBron James once said that his biggest accomplishment was sleep. Just like a car can only go 100 mph for so long before it redlines and the engine blows up, we too can only go full throttle for so long before we burn out. Pushing yourself too hard without rest is like digging an early grave.

But don't get me wrong; I'm all for hustling, grinding, and working your behind off. However, it's essential to find balance and ensure you get the rest you need. And rest doesn't always have to be sleeping! Consider these alternatives:

  1. Prayer - Connect with the Father.
  2. Meditation on the Word - Empty your mind and meditate on God’s Word. 
  3. Self-care - Treat yourself to something restful, like a bi-weekly massage.
  4. Stretching - Keep your body limber and relaxed.

Reflect on what brings you rest - Think about activities that help you recharge.

It's important to infuse our lives with rest and playfulness. Embrace activities that bring joy and rejuvenation, even if it's just for a few minutes each day. So go on, give yourself permission to rest, recharge, and have some fun. After all, life's too short not to!

Mistake #2: Cramming Their Stress to the Brim

Entrepreneurs adore showcasing their success, achievements, and life's finer things - the flashy cars, luxurious homes, and hefty earnings.

But what's not often paraded is the emotional turmoil lurking beneath the surface. Truth be told, 99% of entrepreneurs and business owners carry more responsibility than the average person. With employees, families, and countless pressures riding on their shoulders, anxiety and worry build up like a stress volcano, ready to blow.

Yet, they never talk about it.

Instead, they cram their stress deep down, hoping that someday it'll vanish. "If I can just get through this month's payroll, next year will be different," they say, while the stress brews and bubbles inside.

Flashback to 2017 & 2018 - that was me. Business was booming, I had reached millionaire status, and my family life was thriving. Despite my external success, I found myself visiting the doctor, gripped by chest pains, tingling sensations in my arm, and newfound anxiety. Like stuffing years of emotional baggage into an already overflowing suitcase, I crammed my stress into a hidden corner, praying no one would discover the truth.

As I've opened up about my struggles, I've discovered that this is a common tale. Countless business owners have shared their experiences of insomnia, anxiety, chest pains, and other health issues, all while concealing the turmoil from even their closest loved ones. Just like my bursting suitcase, they simply STUFF IT!

Picture this: You're packing for a trip and cramming every last item into your carry-on, desperate to avoid checking a bag. The suitcase bulges like a busted can of biscuits, with every additional item threatening to burst the seams.

When it comes to stress and anxiety, constant stuffing leads to an emotional eruption. It seeps out in the form of anger, depression, withdrawal, and mental mush. Living as a paralyzed pile of mush is no way to live - and I don't want that for you.

So, let it out! Talk to someone - a counselor, mentor, coach, friend, or family member. Unburden yourself of some of that emotional stuffing and reclaim your quality of life! Which brings me to -

 Mistake #3: Lacking a Genuine Peer Group

The keyword here is GENUINE!

You might think, "Brett, I haven't made this mistake. I have plenty of peers I can call, I'm in a mastermind group with great business owners, and I know lots of people…"

Again, the keyword is GENUINE!

Yes, entrepreneurs have peer groups, and "Mastermind Groups" are rapidly gaining popularity. These groups involve peers gathering in one room to share business ideas. However, the issue is that it's challenging to find genuine friendships in such settings.

Sure, you can discuss business and personal matters, but the moment you start unpacking your emotional baggage, there's the fear of becoming an outcast – the oddball with a heap of problems that no one wants to sit with. I'm not talking about Mastermind Groups or business gatherings; I mean 2-5 peers with whom you can be utterly GENUINE.

These are the people who want the best for you, call you out, cheer you on, and tell you if you're a genius or a bonehead. Genuine peer groups are hard to find, and if you have one, count yourself blessed!

I've personally experienced various types of small peer groups, which I'd call LIFE GROUPS – people with the same mindset, authentically navigating life together. Many entrepreneurs crave this, but it takes courage to seek it out and treasure it once found.

If you haven't found your genuine peer group yet, consider who you'd like to share life with and be real with. Start there! I've formed a group with guys I can be honest with, who can call me out on my nonsense. Genuine peer groups are essential, yet rarely do I see anyone pursuing them. If you are looking for a genuine peer group of Christian Businessmen going all-in for the kingdom, check out our next Men’s Awakening.

Mistake #4: Procrastinating on Seeking Help

As a real estate investor for 17+ years, I can attest that the grind of starting, building, and scaling a highly profitable business takes a toll on your health if you don't stay vigilant. As I mentioned earlier, all entrepreneurs experience stress, anxiety, and pressure at some point. Many get burned out and feel the physical effects, but 99% of the time, they wait too long to ask for help.

There are four stages of burnout:

The question is, where are you in this cycle? If you find yourself in stage 2, it's time to start talking about it and asking for help. Open up to someone close to you, your spouse, a coach, or see a counselor. You don't want to reach stage 3, when you have to consult a doctor. I've seen people literally drop DEAD from this silent killer! Don't ignore the signs. Seek help if you're in stage 2.

Becoming self-aware of these burnout stages is vital, and knowing where you stand is crucial.

I must have told my wife at least ten times, "Honey, I'm feeling stressed, I feel tingling down my arm, some chest pains, and I'm not sleeping well," before I actually went and got a stress test done, and an EKG. It's essential to pull back and start saying NO to things when you recognize the signs.

Mistake #5: They Put Up a Facade

The most ludicrous idea I've ever come across is the concept of "Fake it till you make it." Why on earth would you want to fake anything in your life? Why wouldn't you just want to be the real you all the time? People don't want counterfeit; they crave genuine and authentic connections. People just want you to be YOU! If they don't appreciate the real you, are they genuinely worth your time? The answer is no; they aren't worth your time. And do you want to masquerade your way through life? I would think not. What you truly desire is to embrace and amplify the real you!

I believe the whole "fake it till you make it" philosophy is DEAD, and if you adopt this mindset, you'll become physically and emotionally drained because it will never end. If you start fabricating an identity and become someone you're not, you'll lose yourself in this entire business venture. One day you'll wake up and not even know who you genuinely are. So, don't fake it till you make it; just be YOU while you make it! And if you don't make it? Well, I would rather not succeed and remain true to myself than achieve success by pretending to be something I'm not!

In conclusion, it's time to shed the facades, face the mistakes, and be real with ourselves and others. We all have our struggles, our triumphs, and our battles. The key is to remember that we don't have to go it alone. We can lean on our genuine peer groups, seek help when needed, and foster authentic connections with like-minded people.

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