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December 20, 2022

Why You Should Go Replace Your Coffee Table Book with The Kinsmen Journal

Faith, Fatherhood, and Work are some of the most important areas of a man's life. Learn how to be better at them and honor God in all that you do.

Why You Should Go Replace Your Coffee Table Book with The Kinsmen Journal

Faith, Fatherhood, and Work are 3 of the most important things in a man’s life. The Kinsmen Journal, a reading and artifact unlike anything I’ve seen, captured my eye as a resource for men to lean into. 240 pages of stories, images, and questions that are meant to provoke conversation for men that’ll change how they do life. 

The Kinsmen Journal was started and founded by Peter Ostapko. Peter is the publisher of the Kinsmen Journal and was a dream of his that has now become reality. Peter’s goal with the journal is to help men get their priorities straight while providing an interesting reading and visual publication to guide them. Now why should you go buy it?

Personally, I am not impressed very easily. There’s so much noise and media always begging for our attention that it’s hard to find something that stands out and is unique. When I first found the Kinsmen Journal I was so impressed that I ordered 50 copies to give to friends and colleagues as Christmas gifts. The images are stunning, the stories are riveting, and every page brings about an emotion in you as a man that pushes you forward and makes you really think.

As a father of faith who has poured so much time into my work over my lifetime, I found this journal extremely relatable to me but also so many entrepreneurs and businessmen I know. This isn’t like any other Forbes or Time magazine you’ve read that includes uber successful people who seem to “have it all.” I loved that the stories were raw and filled with men who seemingly “had it all,” but they really didn’t. A question to ask yourself today is, “Do you think you have it all together?” The answer for 99.9% of us is a big resounding NO. That means that almost all of us should be going to The Kinsmen Journal’s website and picking up a copy of this artifact right now because it’s going to make us better men, better husbands, better fathers, and better workers. 

For the entrepreneurs reading this, I believe that this book is especially important for you. In my past experience, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the work that family and faith get tossed to the side. Don’t make the same mistake that so many men make and get out of the office and get home. The Kinsmen Journal is an easy way to start a conversation with family or your spouse to better connect with them. For myself this journal has proved to be the ultimate coffee table conversation starter. Whether it is someone pointing out the beautiful pictures inside or asking about a story they just read; I find this publication to be the best thing that’s ever landed on that coffee table. 

If you are a man and you find yourself struggling in one or all the areas of faith, fatherhood, and work; I highly encourage you to get a copy of The Kinsmen Journal today. It is a masterpiece in the world of media that invites men to lead lives of transforming faith, redemptive fatherhood, and honoring work. Do yourself a favor and head over to, I promise you are not going to regret it.