Healthy Business
May 4, 2022

A Work Team Can Be Empowered By Building the Right Process

There's a popular African proverb that says, "If you want to go fast - go alone. If you want to go far - go together."

Many times visionaries want to go fast themselves, but they get frustrated when they don't know how to develop and empower a team to go with them. David Cowling of Sharper Process helps visionaries and businesses empower their work teams by building the right processes. David talks in depth about the importance of purpose and process to grow your work team into becoming leaders which will help you achieve your vision. There's great danger if you don't have clear purpose or process in your business. Without process, your team will fail in the long-run. David helps visionaries identify gaps in business process, and he helps business leaders learn how to implement process in a business.

0:00 Intro

2:37 To Achieve Your Vision, You Need a Good Team Which Requires a Process

3:45 What happens when you don't have a process

4:45 How to cast vision in a business - Authenticity & Purpose

6:51 How to keep people engaged and focused to accomplish the vision - Measuring Success

9:45 How to empower a work team - The Right Systems in Place

11:33 How to build a process - The Definition of Process is What You Do

12:45 Process Maps help you figure out how to fix problems much easier

13:48 Mapping - How to empower your team and nurture them to become leaders

15:30 Process is What you do, Procedure is How to do it, Policy is when to do it

16:30 Systems and Process allow you to have good metrics which helps you accomplish goals

17:36 Metrics allow you to see in good numbers whether someone does a good job or not without micro-managing

18:57 How to Build Good Work Culture While Keeping Accountability - Resources with Training & Accountability with Wins

22:34 How to Keep Motivated with Hope as a Visionary - Has to Go Back to Purpose

25:47 How Visionaries Can Get Help to Clarify Their Process and Purpose

28:58 If you don't build your process now, you'll lose money and create more problems in the future