Healthy Business
May 4, 2022

Changing the Lives of Ex-Convicts with Entrepreneurship

John McLaughlin is a successful Entrepreneur who found a way to use business to help bring reform and change to many convicts lives.

As a Christian understanding God's forgiveness and gifting of a second chance for his own life, John wanted to extend the same grace to ex-convicts looking for a second chance. John began to teach business classes to felons and other convicts in prison. In doing so, John realized ex-convicts make some of the best employees and entrepreneurs.

The stigma around ex-convicts is that they're bad and will always be bad. John realized there are many ex-convicts who are very sincere, and have had a lot of time to think and reflect on their lives in prison. Many become very spiritual reading the Bible and seeking true heart change and new ways to think.

The sad part is, prison systems aren't usually built to reform convicts. And for those who truly want to change, even when released from prison, they have a very difficult time finding gainful employment. Which is one reason why many ex-cons become entrepreneurs. It's the only way they can make an honest living.

John realized many ex-convicts just need an opportunity. Many ex-cons just need someone to give them a chance. John took those chances himself and employed ex-convicts, and he saw fantastic results. For business owners who are looking for quality employees, John encourages us to keep an open mind and look at an unusual pool of talent to recruit from.

JOHN'S BOOK - Lifeline To A Soul: The Life-Changing Perspective I Gained While Teaching Entrepreneurship to Prisoners