Healthy Business
May 4, 2022

Creative Strategies In Today's Real Estate Market

Are you wondering how to make money and find profit in today's real estate market? Watch to learn creative strategies to make money and help yourself navigate the hard times that is today's real estate market.

Join real estate investor and expert, Eric Brewer, and I as we dive into today's real estate market. Today's real estate market is very different than what it was a year ago, let alone a couple months ago. In today's podcast, we go over the Brewer method and his innovations in the wholesaling market and also the importance of having a secondary income when the market is down.

Since 2006, as a real estate investor, Eric Brewer has done over 3000 residential real estate deals in Pennsylvania and Maryland. His experience covers purchase, renovation, direct to seller marketing, novations, turnkey rentals, property management and wholesale. Currently owner of Integrity First Home buyers, that does nearly 350 deals per year, and is comprised of 40+ staff members, including a COO and full executive leadership team.