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May 4, 2022

Does The Future Of America Depend On Our School System?

Are you ever worried about the future of America? Worried about your child's education? Learn how the future of America depends on our school system and the important roles that educators and teachers have in our children's lives.

SJ Barakony, CCO of H7 Network, is a futurist in today's world who is always looking forward. What does it look like to have a futurist view of society and what the world looks like? Well, on today's podcast we have SJ Barakony who proclaims to be a futurist who cares about the potential of what is going to happen in our world. We go over the future of the school system and education in America and what needs to change. Listen in as we discuss the future of America and how we can help save it.

SJ Barakony is an American small business founder with a boundless appreciation for people, entrepreneurship, liberty, & lifelong learning. He has ties to multiple business ventures: He started the Education Sherpa in late 2011; over the next 11 years, he's been offered a number of opportunities to partner with others, inc. the H7 Network; Econ Impact Catalyst; The Entrepreneurial Leap; Bee Konnected, & Web Strategy + / Social Media Enthusiasts. He’s a thought leader; futurist; guest blogger; super-connector; speaker; historian; & soft skills specialist.