Healthy Business
May 4, 2022

Entrepreneur Lifestyle - Use Your Gift, Don't Abuse It with Steve Cook

CEO: Steve Cook of Lifeonaire

Steve Cook is one of the OG's of online real estate flipping. Steve failed at different business ventures before he struck great success in real estate. But in his success, Steve realized his family, faith, and other aspects of his life could easily become unbalanced. Through his long journey, Steve has learned many secrets of developing a very healthy and balanced lifestyle as an entrepreneur. Mike Stansbury talks to Steve about why he developed Lifeonaire and how he helps to change entrepreneurs lifestyles in a wholistic approach. Steve notes many entrepreneurs think once their business problems are solved, everything else will get better too, but this simply is not true in most cases. Steve helps entrepreneurs make the right adjustments to have full lifestyle success in all areas of their lives. Entrepreneurs have a gift that's supposed to give them more freedom and wellness. If you don't learn how to develop that, then Steve says you're abusing your gift instead of using it correctly.   @Lifeonaire