Healthy Faith
May 4, 2022

From Pastor to Entrepreneur

Chris Galanos shares about innovative and effective changes he's made as a pastor to entrepreneur. He also shares with Brett the changes in his church.

Chris is the pastor of a megachurch who has cut staff payroll, including his own, so that leaders don't take money from the church. Instead Chris started his own real estate business to support himself, juts like Paul supported himself as a tentmaker. Chris speaks on leading by example, and he has a ministry that trains other pastors how to do the same thing. Chris also speaks to Brett on the large shift from megachurch to home churches, and how they will reach millions of people much more effectively this way. Chris talks about churches doing this same model in India, China, Africa, and other places and how it can be just as effective here. Chris shares on adding many more Christians to the church by multiplication instead of addition. He also shares how this is much more cost effective, and how it produces better and deeper fruit in people's lives.