Healthy Business
May 4, 2022

How Generational Entrepreneurship Can Change Your Life

Do you want your children to learn skills that will impact their future? Want to become an entrepreneur but don't know how? Need a mentor to teach you the keys to running a successful business?

Joining me on the podcast this week is good friend and real estate investor, Patrick Grayson. Patrick is an Indianapolis real estate investor; house provider, flipper, wholesaler, and general contractor. Entrepreneurship is very seldom something that you learn on your own. Patrick is lucky enough to be a 3rd generation real estate investor and entrepreneur where he learned the ins and outs from his grandpa and father. Patrick shares with us the skills his father and grandpa shared with him to be successful as entrepreneur. In this episode we learn how to balance work and family, how to teach your kids simple lessons about entrepreneurship, and listen to some pretty great stories as well.

Patrick Grayson is a husband to Liz, Dad to Maxwell (8) & Miles (6). 3rd generation real estate investor; housing provider, flipper, wholetailer, general contractor. Purdue grad (Construction Management). Lived in Dallas & Denver before moving back home to Indiana. We travel a lot; Liz plans amazing vacations for us while being a full-time Mom. I love spending time with my boys outside (we have a map of all the Indiana state parks and we're trying to go camping at all of them). When I'm not working on the business, I enjoy spending time with like-minded people; groups like Iron Deep and our church group of Dads with Young Kids have such a massive impact on life.