Healthy Family
May 4, 2022

How Saving Now Can Help Your Family In The Future

Do you ever worry about your families financial future or financial security? Learn how saving now can help your family avoid financial stress and financial trouble in the future.

Sunny Burns, founder of FamVestor, joins us on the podcast this week to talk over family finances and how saving money now can help you out more than you'd think in the future. When we're young and have money it's easy to spend all our money on things that might not help us out in the future. Sunny and I chat this week on how saving now and making hard decisions when you're young can benefit you extremely when you're older. We go over addictions, homeschooling, and living frugally in a world that tries to draw us away from the importance of family.

Sunny Burns is 32 and works Full-Time as a Project Engineer for the Department of Defense. He is happily married with four amazing kids. Sunny is founder of, a blog and podcast where he shares about financial independence and creating strong families. Together with his wife, they own 3 rental properties in the NYC area, 11 units total that are worth over $2-million dollars and bring in over $200,000 annual gross rent. With their frugal lifestyle they are now 107% Financial Independent. He enjoys the simpler things in life; like listening to books, running, biking, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and going camping.