Healthy Business
May 4, 2022

How To Choose Where To Work

Choosing where to work is one of the hardest decisions we have to make and also one of the most important. Learn on how workplace environment, coworkers, and leadership are so important in deciding where you want to work.

Mika Self, owner of American Home Buyer in Houston, Texas, joins us on the podcast this week to discuss all things work and business related. Where you work is critical to your health and overall well-being. Do you choose work because of the culture? The money? The work itself? Mika and I talk about his company American Homebuyer of Houston today and how Mika chooses to engage his team and what makes a good work environment. If you're seeking how to improve work culture or get your team more involved, this is a podcast for you.

Mika Self is the owner of American Home buyer based out of Houston, Texas. Their purpose is to glorify God by proving to be Houston's most trusted home buying firm. Mika has 2 kids and a wife that he loves to spend time with.