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May 4, 2022

How To Encourage Others In The Workplace

Do you ever leave work feeling sad or defeated? Your boss is upset and won't give you a break? Find out how to find the positives at work!

Johnny Sirpilla, founder of Encourage, LLC joins us on the podcast this week. We dive into workplace culture and all the pros and cons of it. Most of the time our bosses or supervisors don't know what's going on in our personal lives so we can find it hard to stay motivated or in good spirits when they're constantly negative. Johnny and I go into how we can encourage others in the workplace instead of putting people down. Learn how to serve others and what our happiness truly depends on!

Johnny Sirpilla, founder of Encourage, LLC., is an entrepreneur, passionate leader, a committed family man and the author of Life Is Hard but I’ll Be OK: The Power of Hope, Emerging through Pain and Learning to Live with Gratitude. Johnny endured personal tragedies that led him to repurpose himself in his early 50’s focused on driving meaningful change in the workplace allowing employees to return home empowered. This passion inspired the creation of Encourage, LLC., a self-funded small family office with four divisions; Encourage Healthy Living, Encourage Leadership, Encourage Investment and Encourage Adoption. Johnny has been married to his college sweetheart, Susan, for over 30 years and has three grown children, Beau, Bella and Stone... one of which is adopted but he can’t remember which one.




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