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May 4, 2022

How To Put God In The Center Of Your Marriage

Marriage is one of life's toughest tasks. It takes constant effort, love, compassion, and work to make it successful. What a lot of people don't know is that with God at the center, all things are possible.

Scott Landis speaks about his own marriage and how you can put God in the center. Scott is happily married to his high school sweetheart and best friend, Tawnya. They are raising their three children: Skyler, Allie, and Brynna. Scott and his wife created the Awakened Life Community, which is a community of awakened like-minded individuals who are looking to make a huge positive impact in the world, and who want to gain freedom from all hindrances and live in ultimate fulfillment. Scott and Tawnya are Trained Professional Coaches who train and coach in marriages as well as other relationships, entrepreneurship, sexuality, fitness and nutrition. They love to help people creating businesses.

Scott is a certified coach and teacher with Nehemiah Project International Ministries, where he teaches, trains and equips business leaders to exercise stewardship over their business and abilities. He also helps them recognize multiple bottom lines in their businesses and core business concepts to embrace profitable and sustainable businesses.

Scott & Tawnya have been featured on podcasts like iWork4Him, The Business Of Life, Keep Your Daydream, The Success Chronicles, The Nicholas Cupps Show, and Purpose & Profitability. Scott is a voracious reader of titles on business, leadership, quantum physics, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality. He loves music and playing the guitar and piano. Scott prides himself on being a "nut milk farmer". He loves dating his wife, traveling with the kids, and healthy eating!


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