Healthy Business
May 4, 2022

How To Start A Business and Become An Entrepreneur

Are you wondering where to start to become an entrepreneur? Have a great business idea but don't know what to do with it? Learn how to run a business successfully and become an entrepreneur!

Paul Wakim, entrepreneur and founder of TwnSqr, joins us on the podcast to discuss what it takes to start your own business and become an entrepreneur. We cover whether you should start a business in the first place, what that looks like if you do, support systems for the process, and what the overall entrepreneur mentality is. Join Paul and I as we discuss his personal journey of starting his own business and how he got into entrepreneurship in the first place.

Paul got started in the real estate industry in 2016 right out of college when he and his then girlfriend Shannon (now wife), started a real estate photography business with a drone that she had bought Paul as a graduation gift. In 2018, Paul taught himself how to code in Python to create an algorithm to predict who was going to sell their home next by identifying people who showed signs of those 5 or 6 common selling traits. Later, he met his great friend and TwnSqr co-founder, Mitch Tracy while rock climbing. In mid 2019 Mitch quit his job to come work on TwnSqr full-time to refine and drastically improve the algorithm.