Healthy Business
May 4, 2022

Making Purposeful Decisions

Business Owner and Branding Professional, Brandon McCurdy, talks about his role as a Purpose Maker, and how we can make purposeful decisions.

Brandon is the owner of Brand Design, an advertising agency, as well as a father, husband, and pastor. He is a story brand certified guide, as well as a Facebook blueprint certified planner. Brandon walks others through what branding really is, and how you have to be intentional and purposeful in your business and life to have the outcomes that you desire. Brandon shares how he has helped others with their decision making skills and how to deal with making hard choices. He shares how to restructure your goals and steps before having to decide on big issues. Brandon discusses identifying motives, influence versus impact, authenticity, and much more in this informative and contemplative discussion with Brett. He also shares how helping others helps you to become a purpose maker.