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May 4, 2022

Mining Untapped Wealth In Your Back Yard | Gary Harper


In business, many times we chase after that next thing that looks like it will make us money. Sometimes this is good, but many times people chase after the wrong things and don't realize it.

Best-Selling author Gary Harper of Sharper Business Solutions shares how many times, business leaders miss the untapped wealth in their own backyards. Gary has successfully coached many CEOs and taught their teams how to grow and scale their businesses. A lot of the time, these businesses miss their best opportunities because they don't even realize the potential they already have at their fingertips.

Listen as Gary talks to Brett about how to recognize and mine the right business solutions that is already at your disposal.

Gary has spoken at MIT, CG and many other business institutions. He has many certifications including PI and Working Genius certified. Gary has coached over 300 RE investors on how to build a business not how to do deals. He has implemented EOS in hundreds of businesses, mostly real estate. Gary is a Six Sigma Expert  (built thousands of REI processes) and is a member of 7 MasterMinds and 10 businesses.



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Mining Untapped Wealth In Your Back Yard | Gary Harper