Healthy Business
May 4, 2022

Passive Income Ideas - Best Ways to Invest That Work

Chris Miles grew up broke. On his journey of trying to find ways to generate wealth, he dropped out of college and left being a financial advisor, to become one of the best Passive Income earners around.

Chris saw that the systems people follow are broken and don't let them generate real wealth. Even Dave Ramsey limits people generating wealth, and Chris advises not to follow much of Dave Ramsey's bad advice.

Instead, Chris talks about how to be a good steward with growing your money and freeing up your time, so you can make a bigger impact in the world. Hence the name "Money Ripples." Chris wants people to learn how to make more ripple effects with their money for good, and how to generate passive income to have the flexibility in their lives.

0:00 Start

2:01 Chris's Back-story

4:08 Life as a Financial Advisor - Nobody is really Financially Free

6:58 Finding out how to Actually be Financially Free

8:24 How Chris started his real estate career & became financially independent

13:24 What it means to be an anti-financial advisor – financial advisors ask Chris for advice – how to create PASSIVE INCOME

16:38 Chris discusses different types of strategies that are prosperous and work right now for Passive Income

20:50 – Infinite Banking how it works

25:26 – Dave Ramsey is good for 101 finances, but he's bad for growing wealth