Healthy Business
May 4, 2022

Stop Being The Boss, Start Being A Leader

Bosses are often seen as the ones who make all the rules, write the checks, and can do whatever they want. What if a boss could also be a leader? Maybe you could even become friends with your boss.

Many bosses nowadays take a bossy and "Im better than you" approach to leading their company or business. Author Mike Sipple Jr. and I discuss what it looks like to lead and be mentors to your employees instead of just their boss. We discuss effective ways to unlock your potential and talk about previous mentors we had in our lives and how they impacted us.

Mike serves and leads as CEO of two companies dedicated to recruiting leadership teams, developing leaders and managers, and helping teams achieve their strategy and vision. One is a half-century strong executive search firm that focuses on building high-performing teams throughout North America. The second is a true disruptor in people development, leadership team alignment, and strategy achievement. Both serve the mission and vision of unlocking human potential.





MIKE'S BOOK - Leadership Fusion: Best Practices to Lead and Influence