Healthy Business
May 4, 2022

Thankful And Blessed But Kind Of A Mess

Many times as entrepreneurs, we become ungrateful and unthankful. Even when we have success, we take it for granted and just focus on the stresses and hardships that we face. The reality is, there is never a perfect scenario. There will always be stresses and struggles that we face every day.

Sometimes, we hope and pray for certain situations to come our way, and when we finally have them, we take them for granted when many others wish they had our opportunity. We will enjoy our lives much more if we can shift our perspective and focus on what we do have because once it is gone, we will miss it. Nothing is forever, so we should learn to enjoy what is set before us in each season. Even if certain situations are messy, there can be great blessing in those messes, and we should remember that. Jaren Barnes shares with Brett his processes that he's gone through in different seasons and what he has learned. Jaren gives great clarity and perspective that can help us appreciate the blessings in life.

Jaren now works with R.E. Tipster, an organization that provides real world guidance for real estate investors. Jaren also owns his own real estate business specific to land wholesaling. Jaren helped Brett build and grow his company, Simple Wholesaling, in a very strategic and important season of that business.

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