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May 4, 2022

The Hidden Sin: Greed - What Does It Mean To Not Covet? | Brett Snodgrass & Michael Stansbury

Most people don't think they're greedy.

People can usually recognize many of their other sins, but almost always, greed goes undetected. This hiddenness and subtlety is what makes greed so dangerous.

What does it mean to be greedy? Part of the root of greed is selfishness. But selfishness is the root of most sin. There are ways to identify if we're a selfish person, which Brett and Mike discuss in this episode.

But to dig deeper into understanding greed we must ask ourselves, "What does the Bible say about greed and selfishness?" When you look at greed in scripture, it is very closely linked to covetousness. So when we ask, "What does it mean to be greedy?" we should also ask, "What does it mean  to not covet?"

Coveting is a very serious sin. It's so serious, God lists it as one of the 10 commandments in Exodus. But when we think about bad sins like lying, or stealing, or murder, or idolatry, most people forget about coveting. But coveting is listed just as strongly and as evil as these other horrible sins. That's what makes this sin so dangerous. To be greedy or to covet is incredibly dangerous because it's so hard to see or detect in our own lives. But if it fills our heart, it will affect everything else in our lives and cause lots of damage. Greed is very much a most hidden sin that's so hard to notice. Brett and Mike talk about what greed and coveting are in this episode and ways to discover if it's operating in your life. They also discuss how to deal with coveting if you do find it filling your mind and heart.

If you don't think greed or coveting is that bad, think about the meaning of the scripture verse, "You Shall Not Covet Your Neighbor's Wife." Let that sink in to understand the gravity of greed. While it's sinking in, go ahead and take a look at this episode.


The Hidden Sin: Greed - What Does It Mean To Not Covet? | Brett Snodgrass & Michael Stansbury

This is Brett Snodgrass with the Iron Deep podcast. Today me and Michael Stansbury are gonna be talking about the power of greed. Let's Go!

Welcome back to another episode of The Iron Deep podcast. I'm Brett Snodgrass, got Michael Stansbury in the house.

-Yes, sir! Brett Snodgrass, how goes the battle, sir?

-The battle's good man. The battle is good. I am excited for this podcast episode today my man. We did a podcast a two or three weeks ago about sex, and it's been one of our number one podcasts. So, you know, men like to talk about sex, Michael. How about that? Imagine that? Well you know what, sometimes logic just hits you in the face.

-That's right, that is right. Absolutely right. Well guys this is the Iron deep podcast. Michael and I, we take a ...pick a topic every couple of weeks, every few weeks, and we just dig deep into it. And today we're going to be talking about this topic of greed. And we're going to be defining greed. What the Bible says about greed. What do we do about greed. How do we become aware if we are suffering from greed. And what do we do about it at the end of the day? So we like to kind of just dig deep into this particular topic of greed. Before we get into that, I just want to kind of mention, we got some awesome things coming out here in 2024. This year, we are in right now. go check that out. We got some cool events coming out in the next few weeks. Make sure you check that out. I just wrote a book called "The Secret War Within" that was a number one bestseller on Amazon, so go check out "The Secret War Within." It's just a great allegory book that just really talks about men, entrepreneurs and uh - so check that out as well. So Michael we're going to be talking about greed man and when I when I talk about defining greed like what is greed any anything kind of come to mind right away

Well you know me it's like looking at other things... other people's... In our case be an entrepreneurs maybe another business or and going oh they uh you know they've got um they're doing it better than I have they got more more money than I have I need to be I need to I need to level up uh because um you know because I want to be I want to be on that level or um just looking at basically for me it's actually a dissatisfied heart that's how I would explain I'm dissatisfied with these things and um you know I think that just chasing more is going to fill that need until I hit that need um then then I'll be Satisfied and it's just the roller coaster of of uh of of sin basically yeah yeah a couple of things just kind of came to mind number one you talked about the heart we're really going to dive into and I think you just hit the nail on the head that we're going to be diving into the heart that this isn't maybe necessarily A things issue a possessions issue a money type of issue it's a heart issue um and you talked about just this dissatisfaction the Webster's definition of greed says a selfish and excessive desire for more of something typically money that's what we talk about with greed typically it's money than is needed um concept agreed in the Bible is defined defined as an excessive or selfish desire for more than is needed or deserved especially money wealth food it's a form of idolatry so the two things I really want to point out there is the word selfish and uh I believe that greed typically isn't more is not necessarily bad right that there's a lot of people that are very extremely generous with more money than a lot of other people but this word selfish kind of comes into play because that's a hard issue. Michael, you want to just talk about that. Like that's where I think it begins. It's not really more this the problem... selfish is the problem, right? It's... the constant measuring that we do as a self. We're always measuring us against somebody else or something else and when we we're constantly measuring and looking... I guess inward about what we don't have and about what, you know, what we think will make it better that is totally a hard issue. And that just means and what happens is it is it's like a a snowball rolling down the hill if you stay in that that lane of doing that consistently this the the dis dissatisfaction grows as even may you as as you may attain more it just becomes U something that is continuing this all this momentum because you're not starting from the position of I I need more or actually I I want more if God wants to give me more so that I can pursue what he wants me to pursue so what are what are you pursuing are you pursuing your selfish goals and Ambitions the Bible has a lot to talk about that or are you pursuing what what God wants you to do and um his his goals and how that's and what the difference is and um we can say it's a fine line uh but it's it really it's really one of those things where you have to ask yourself some questions about okay why why am I doing this. What's the reason here? And if you can't... if those reasons don't measure up to some sort of moral or biblical standard, then you know then it's time to maybe take a relook at it

No I definitely definitely I definitely totally agree and I've had I think in the past few years I've had this Heart Change honestly uh that there was a time that I would constantly ask myself and I think a lot of men do this too when is it enough how much is enough uh it's funny I always I've quoted before JD Rockefeller he's the founder of the oil company one of the first I think the first billionaire in the United States one of the richest mans on earth a reporter asked him how much money is enough and he said just a little bit more now again that could sound like an extremely selfish thing to say and I used to say that is extremely selfish you know just be content with what you have uh you have enough Brett don't want more be almost complacent which I think is not biblical either but here was the heart shift in me because like about a year or so ago I had a had a heart shift and I like you know what if God wants to bless me um Beyond and he wants to bless me with more and here was the underlying principle of it if it's not about me and it's all about the kingdom then why not let's just go right let's go for it because if it's not about Brett anymore because really how much is enough when I put a roadblock there and if it's about Brett then that's where that selfish desire says yes there is a point where there's enough the Brett really doesn't need anymore my lifestyle doesn't need to change but when it's about something different when it's about the bigger story when it's about the kingdom that's where it's not the money issue it's the heart issue when the heart shifts to that it's like let's go let's just do it if if if if it's everything if it's all the world the the money that comes in then let's go because at the end of the day for me at least hopefully my heart set says it's just all going to be about the kingdom I'm just going to spend it on more generosity and more helping people more impact so you have anything to just to piggyback on that well I would say that ambition is a gift from God and uh however it's it's like any gift is like what are we doing with that ambition um are do we have a you basically had a had a limiting principle on it uh at some point then you your heart shifted to like no God is unlimited and he wants to bless me I I I know it's not for Brett it's not for me and I've got to make sure that my heart posture stays that way it's for something else it's for these things it's for his things um and uh so we don't want to limit Our God's blessing on us by having some false sense of that P you know some piety that hey it's it's okay to once you hit this number you know you're good you don't need to be as ambitious anymore yeah don't don't don't make so much noise you know um you know there are people that make noise and they make it and and their their volume is it's about themselves and their business and how wonderful they're doing and then there's people saying hey we're we're doing this uh and we're doing this for the kingdom we're doing this because God has uh gave us this these skill sets he's he's given us this capital and he it's all his anyway and we're going to use it um and just like in scripture says about the talents we're going to use these talents to multiply what he's given us so that at the end we're not wanting the things we're just wanting him to say hey well done that's what we want well done and so if you're pursuing the well done and not pursuing the talents then there's I think there's where the connection point should be yeah definitely Michael you talked about um kind of just this this coveting your neighbor's house obviously you just read about this in the Bible the 10 commandments which goes to Exodus 2017 it says you shall not covet your neighbor's house you shall not cover your neighbor's wife or his male servants or female servants or his ox or his donkey or anything that is your neighbors um and we we fall into that trap so much that like Michael I look at you and I want I want what you have and I want it I want it now like I want your bald head I want to I wish I had that or just kid around about that but I want what you have and he goes through these different things I want your possessions I want all your possessions I want your wealth I want even your wife right I mean right I want your kids because I want them to I like how they treat you things like that so there's just something about this um this uncontent heart that is so it's like a mixed drink of of coveting and greed and it just goes hand in hand you've talked about this a little bit but can you talk about just what God's been showing you with with that in your own life

Well, so I'm going through the Westminster catechism book and it's a ... it's a wonky great book. I recommend it for young families, but basically it has questions. And in question 79 through 89 they talk about... you know, what what is the tenth commandment what is it really how does it how do you execute that passage and how how do you live your life in in view of God's tenth commandment and we know it's Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house thy wife nor that their servants or maid servants or his ox or anything that uh that is his neighbors and so what's required uh it it's a full you have to be fully contented with your own condition at any time at every time so Paul talked about this in the New Testament he basically verifed this it's like be content in all circumstances. And that is the... that's the antidote is contentment correct for the tenth commandment so and you have to have a right and charitable frame of spirit toward our neighbor and all that is his so it is it is absolutely one of those things that is not necessarily an outward expression the tenth commandment is one of the is probably the only Commandment that I can think of that is it's totally done internally there's not something you're going to do externally to express the coveted maybe you do it in in uh sarcasm or when you're talking to somebody oh man that's really nice you're you got the new Tesla that's that looks awesome man great job you may do something like that but you you know you you you're you want to be charitable you want to be happy uh for people's station in life and you want to celebrate with them um and so so you must be content and so here's the other thing when your heart is discontent that's a sin discontentment is is a sin because basically what you're saying is God you haven't given me enough uh God what you've given me is is trash and you know we saw this when the the Israelites left Egypt they were like oh you know how where's the food uh you know what are you gonna take care of us right and it's discontentment um or grieving at the good of your neighbor and man I have been guilty of this I have been guilty of seeing people win and going man why you know why are they winning what are they doing different what's wrong with me discontentment and um so this is why it's always good to go back to the basics go back to the Ten Commandments and kind of take a look at that and uh the the catechism does a really good job of going of explaining it in detail and uh oh you're discontent well that will breed more discontent um and you know when we have when you have losses in life and so some of our folks are in real estate you have wins and you have losses it's easy to get discontent right when you have losses it's hard to stay content when when things are not going well and uh there are seasons in life when you you uh you have to be uh grateful for just being in the game I guess um so but that's uh the other thing I want this scripture here is um for where envying and strife is this is this is this is the result of it for when envying and strife is there is confusion in every evil work and that's James 3:16 so we we always talk about hey you know ask God to forgive you your sin but we always have to talk about there are repercussions if you stay in the state of envying and strife you'll be confused you know and you may commit more sin and that's what we want to avoid at all cost and so what's the remedy for that you got to go repent no that's awesome that's awesome I want to again I think just pinpoint I think this is even another podcast that we can talk through at a different topic but the difference between content and complacent I was talking to a gentleman the other day where I think a lot of people Believers Christians uh exchange um these two things content and complacent that I think that you can still be content you can have a heart that is content be joyful in the Lord but still want to grow that I want to grow closer to my family I think that's biblical I want to be healthier with you know taking care of the temple of God I think that's biblical um so I think you know as you're listening to this I don't think that just because we're saying be content in all things the Bible says that is to be complacent right I think you know especially we're talking to men and women especially at iron Dee like we all want to grow whatever that looks like I want to grow in my faith right it can be it can be as simple as that so I want to point that out but I want to go to this next thing and that is uh just can you recognize greed so we've been talking about greed and what this can do and what this is to a man's heart but what I've been reading about is can you recognize greed in your own life how does a man know if he has greed uh one the late Tim Keller Pastor he wrote several books he wrote a book called counterfeit gods and he says this he said greed is it's a fascinating sin and it's different than almost any other Temptation or transgression here's why um that most people don't know that they're being greedy uh and contrast every man who's committing adultery he knows exactly what he's doing now of course he may be Carried Away In the Heat of the Moment but he still knows what he's doing Keller says he says some years ago he was doing a 7-part series about some of the deadly sins at a men's breakfast and my wife Kathy told me I bet you the week that you talk about greed you're going to have the lowest attendance and she was right men packed it out for lust and wrath and even Pride but nobody thinks that they are greedy as a pastor I've had to come to meet had people come to me to confess they struggle with almost every kind of sin almost I cannot recall anyone ever coming to me and saying I spend too much money on myself I think my greedy lust for money is harming my family my soul people around me greed hides itself in its victims what do you think about that like men they can notice and be aware of all these other things that they struggle with but I even myself I never said man like I'm really struggling with greed now yes so I don't I I think that that's true I think Tim Nails it is because we just don't uh we don't inventory our sins uh we don't inventory the the sin of greed like we do the other ones it's not until you you read something what Tim wrote or you spend some time in Exodus 10 and really go okay got to illuminate me because this is the whole process as a Christ follower right and and this is again an argument against complacency because you don't want to be complacent in your in your faith it's like all right God what are you going to reveal today on my heart that's a sin that needs to be dealt with today because we have to be U men who mortify sin that means we got to be killing sin daily um and what the the good news is is that you've got all the tools because you got Christ but the bad news is is it's got to have to Bubble Up into your process into your you know you got to think about this and you've got to then deal with it and confess it confess it to God and so it's I think it's easy especially in our culture to talk it's easier to talk about those other sins uh that you just talk about pride and lust and things like that um but greed is something that is that is something that you you really have to spend some time and put your attention on it in order for it to kind of Bubble Up oh okay maybe maybe I am greedy maybe uh okay well then let's let's figure that out what do you think about this so my me and my wife we just celebrated a holiday here um just celebrated uh the Christmas season this is a struggling that's a struggle for us every season we think we're going to do this or do that or not get the kids as many gifts things like that but after it's over it's almost like we feel um really kind of awful like we just did way too much almost like a glutton of overc consumption and I think I can so again when I look at my own life and I start to look at what I'm spending money on not saying that I want to to make money and I don't outwardly say I want to make money so that I can spend it all all on myself but I really look reality in the eye and I'm like man my over consumption sometimes is through the roof what would you say to just the awareness of greed in that is that I could say that would be a form of of greed of just that overc consumption on on myself without being aware of it honestly and I think maybe this this is what Tim's talking about this is what Tim's talking about and again the Bible talks about howy you need to um know the state of your flocks and herds and that is you you know that is that's hey where where's the money going what is what does that look like and then when you when you see it in black and white you're G to do the inventory you you got to do the inventory on yourself and and and see um now I love Christmas I love doting on our kids I think our grandparents we we have a family that we're blessed with and they really uh we we really have to we got some greedy grandparents they want to outdo each other in in showing a [ __ ] love and affection um but again if the if if be because we celebrate Christmas and or in we we we do our best to filter it is like the God is The Giver of gifts and the reason why you're getting these gifts is because he sent his son as a baby and if you if you keep the main thing the main thing I think you're you're good but if you if you feel the Holy Spirit going you know what uh you think about like think through the whole process of what you did at Christmas and did it really edify and G and glorify Christ or or did we just over consume and then that's a question you have to you have to answer and then make the pivot yeah yeah and I think you just said at the end you just going back to the beginning is what is your heart's desire uh who's getting the glory and and what's what's the end of that sentence uh if it is glorifying the father and and and that's where your heart's at and that's what you have that desire to then uh then yeah that's something that's just a heart issue again back in the day I think obviously the Bible talks about who are you going to serve God or money like this is a just this big thing that that's just all over the Bible is that greed can trip people up uh I mean right I mean even look at Christ going to the Cross like um Judas that turned him in right just just greed can trip men up uh and who are you going to serve what are you going to worship so let's let's transition so I love what CS Lewis talked about so greed and pride have um it has a correlation as well CS Lewis talks about pride is like we can see it so clearly in others we can't ever see it in oursel greed I think is the same thing like we can see sometimes when a man's Being Greedy but very hard to become aware of it uh in ourself the effects of greed so we've talked about you know what is greed how do we be what's the Bible say about greed what are the uh how do you become aware of greed in your own life what are the effects of greed and I think you talked about this Michael a little bit I wrote down that greed and and envy and coveting it sucks the joy out of us quicker than anything else uh when you can't be content of where you're at in life when you can never find contentment in what you have it blocks everything else it blocks Joy it blocks your relationships it blocks your relationship with God and that's you know one of the reasons why I wrote the book the book this year secret War within cuz you're constantly chasing to fill this this emptiness in in your life uh with more and it can't fill you because it never was meant to fill you um so that's just some of the effects that I've seen in my own life and other men's life it just sucks the joy and really the life out of you God came to give you life and when you chasing after the world it just it just sucks life out of you what do you got to say about that yeah I can you know when there are LAN times um and so I think this is going to be maybe people think this is the antithesis but even in lean times uh or maybe things aren't going well in your business I I think that's when when when for me personally in the past that's when greed has hit me the hardest because all I'm worried about is trying to make sure that I can make enough money to fix this problem over here or take care care of this problem over there and um the Bible says do not be anxious about anything but in prayer and supplication make your request known to God well when you're greedy you're not you're not you're anxious you're anxious the anxious level is high and you're not relying on God supplication you're not you're not going to him you're trying to move chess pieces around like you're the creator of the universe um I can say that I I person that's personally been been me when I've been most greedy it's been one of my most lean times because I'm just like I've got to go do this this has got to happen I've got to I've got to make this happen over here because I you know we got to keep the lights on um and uh so that would that would be kind of um how it affects everything and then you go to bed and you don't really go to bed you wake up first thing you think about is that anxiousness all right what do we got to do today to keep the the the the Train on the tracks yeah and it steals like again it Stills some of the joy steals your quiet time too because I know when I'm anxious about that and I am not knowing exactly what we're going to do and I'm constantly thinking about money um and just how are we going to do this yeah first thing I wake up I think about it I get right to work I my quiet time goes out the window and it just uh no that that's definitely um one of the greatest uh Christian Minds 17th century thinker blae Pascal said this that there's a god-shaped vacuum in the heart of each man which cannot be satisfied by any created thing but only by God the Creator made made known through Jesus Christ and I use that sometimes like we have this god-sized hole in our heart that we try to fill it with all these different things but it can never be filled uh because that's not the way we were designed it's only to be filled with God the Creator through Christ so um so again we've talked about the effects greed affects the soul affects life uh impacts Joy contentment and it also relationships like talk about maybe your family relationships or your close relationships uh you know has that affected any times of your life where again maybe certain these times that you you're only thinking about making more and it can be just out of not abundance but out of scarcity just to make ends meet but how's that affected relationships and life when you get to that point well as the as a father and the head of a household as a man uh you're going to lead and they're going to see things and they're going to see you and you're going to try and um you know you're you're going to try and be as optimistic or be as unanxious as you can be but when you're going through these times in your life when you're letting greed um and and pride really rule uh it's going to be seen it's going to be known and it's going to affect your relationships because you're going to um you're going to engage people your your kids and your wife while you're while you're in the midst of the sin and that the the connectivity is going to be not what what's good and um yeah I I it it won't be lost on the people closest to you that you're you're you have an anxious heart and that things are are not what what how they should be uh so I think that it does have an effect and uh we are we we kid ourselves if we uh if we're dealing with that sin and we're going through it without um getting the help that's all always there guys it's always right there um to you know access the father so he can he can deal with it and you know you may have to have some tough conversations with your family and say Hey listen I'm we're this is what I've been going through this is the reason why is because I have an anxious heart I'm not going to the father with these uh these things I'm trying to do this on my own and um uh and you guys can see that I haven't been myself and you've got to ask ask them for forgiveness so it it does every um this is the the lie that we tell ourselves about Sin this is the lie that the devil keeps telling is that it it won't it won't have an effect you're fine you're you're good it won't affect uh your family uh no one will know um we can't let that lie go un um unaccounted for yeah and uh no I love that um so definitely th those are the lies that we hear so we've talked about some of these different things what is greed how do we become aware of it what are the effects of greed and then obviously we always love to say is there anything that we can do what are some action steps that we really can do and and hit home on and I was talking to a gentleman the other day and we were talking about through some of some of these different things and about contentment about how um to be the most fulfilled with your relationship in your faith with God and your relationship with your family and in your business and it really really just starts off with this daily discipline of full surrender um and build building that personal relationship with Christ and this was a gentleman that I was talking to and he grew up in the church and knew a lot about the Bible could recite um you know had memorized a lot of it but no one really taught him and and showed him what a personal relationship with Christ looked like and this is something that you know we look at at iron deep that it's all about that relationship with Christ it has to start there it's a full surrender to the father and every single day it's a daily discipline of what does that look like to be with him to uh and to be like him I think at the at the end of it all how do you walk with him and how do you be like him we Are All Made In His Image and each day how do we increase in our life by having us decrease and having him increase and be more like him um so Michael talk about this just with your own life building that personal relationship with Christ on a daily a daily discipline anything that that you can tell our audience about what that looks like because I think that's really the the only answer to help with the heart issue of greed yeah it's a it's the the uh the thing that is um that that the foundations of a of a good day in my life starts starts with time with God and I think that and there's there's no secret that Jesus taught his disciples how to pray and he went away alone to do that um and I think that that each individual human being um needs to do that in order to uh cultivate that relationship and keep away from sin and and one of the tough parts to do it is like hey God I want you to forgive me but you also for me I have to go and I have to do this I have to and I haven't been doing this lately I can I can feel right now go that hey I need to ask God all right where where are my blind spots and I can tell you we you you brought this subject up last week we back and forth with some emails and it's again hits the right time I got blind spots when it comes to Greed there are some things that I've written down as we're talking going okay um but it starts again daily um getting in God's word my wife and I while wife suggested that we do a Bible study together so we're doing um a lot of people we have seen of our friends have been really blessed by the this Bible recap so uh we started started doing them yeah and uh and so it's it's very Illuminating and uh what's interesting is um so I do it in the morning and she does it at night and but we've we've yet it's been what are we January 9th okay we've yet to do it together okay so this is and then you know whose fault that is yours whose fault is that that's mine right because we right yeah and uh um so but that's the but for individuals for these for everybody listening it's the daily discipline of of of making sure that you treat God as he as he uh and Obey him as he should be treated is like he's the god of the universe you know obey his command come to him you know and and he'll make your yoke light he'll he'll do that for us he's and you don't know those promises you don't know about the hey he can take care of your anxiousness unless you're in the word yeah and uh so that you got to get in there and uh and that's where that for the Christian that's where the work is and it's not really work but you gotta sometimes it feels like that but you you got to get in God's word and you gotta mine it you gotta mine it yeah yeah there's so much I've been really uh just digging into to Proverbs lately and and it it just talks about wisdom and discipline and so like they go together like you keep seeing those two words together in the same sentence wisdom discipline wisdom discipline so to have the discipline to do it every single day brings out the spirit-led wisdom uh that he can give you to to work on your heart and I'm going to wrap it up with this a couple of different things so number one I'm going to wrap it up with we talked about Tim Culler in his book and then I'm going to read this Parable uh in Luke 12 but Tim CL ends up saying this he said J Jesus gave up all of his treasure in heaven in order to make you his treasure for you are a treasured people that's in 1 Peter 2:9 so when you see him dying to make you his treasure that will make him your treasure money will cease to be the currency of your significance and security and you will want to bless others with what you have to the degree that you grasp the gospel money will have no dominion over you think think on his costly Grace until it changes you into a generous people so I think just going back to the beginning that this is a heart issue this is not a money issue it's not a more issue or possessions issue uh that if you struggle with this I would get into the daily discipline to have the father work on your heart um because I think that if you can work on your heart and you can change your perspective Ive like even I have like how much is enough well now I'm like there really isn't enough that if you bless me it's all for the kingdom um I love what Bob Buford said he wrote the book halim he says I hope that my last check bounces before I die and he was a multi multi-millionaire it's just it is all for that it's fully surrendered to him whatever you want so if you bless me with so much then it's all going to him anyways it already is his so um so than think through that uh Michael any last words before I just kind of end with this Parable and I want to end really with this Parable to have you guys just kind of pause with it and just to kind of sit on it I would I would encourage you to go to to your own Bible and read through this Parable again and what's God saying to you to to you in this um but Michael I want to give you one last opportunity before we wrap up well actually I'm looking forward to hearing the parable I want to do just that I want to let the scripture kind of um wash over me and and let God illuminate what needs to be illuminated so Brett let's go so this comes from Luke 12 and then after this we're just going to pause um I'm gonna say a prayer and we'll just we'll wrap it up so Luke 12 this is parable of the rich fool someone in the crowd said to him teacher tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me and Jesus replied man who appointed me a judge or an Arbiter between you and then he said to them watch out be on your guard against all kinds of greed life does not consist in an abundance of possessions and he told in this Parable the ground of a certain rich man yielded an abundant Harvest and he thought to himself what shall I do I have no place to store my crops and then he said haha this is what I'll do I'll tear down my Barns and I'm going to build bigger ones and there I will store up my surplus of grain and I'll say to myself you have plenty of grain laid up for many years take life easy eat drink and be merry but God said to him you fool this very night your life will be demanded from you and then who will get what you have prepared for yourself this is how it will be with whoever stores up things for themselves but is not rich toward

God and Father I just uh pray for the listeners out there I pray for uh just the man or woman who hears this that we would take into our hearts that we uh would have that perspective of what you want our hearts to be that we would bear your image that we would see people how you see them that that we would love people how you love people um that we would build our personal relationship with you and your son Jesus that we would have the Holy Spirit uh be in our lives um helping guide us through these decisions that we have to make we thank you for this time together. We love you so much, and in Jesus name, amen.