Healthy Faith
May 4, 2022

Transform Your Future

Pablo left a successful career at the UN and risked it all. He gave it all up to pursue his life's purpose and passion and started a non-profit organization to help starving orphans in Guatemala.

Pablo is the President of Transforming Futures. He shares with Brett about his ministry, and the entrepreneurial skills it has taken to develop and scale his organization to effectively help those in need. Pablo talks about struggles and time it took to make hard decisions that would change his life. He talks about conflicts with family and seeking wise counsel to help in these crucial times. He also shares about the reward that comes after the risk and why it's important for everyone to walk in the purpose they were called for. Now, hundreds of lives are being changed and saved in some of the poorest parts of Guatemala. Pablo is grateful for making the change and his new life path. He encourages us to consider how we can transform our future, as well as others futures and live we can alter for the better.