Healthy Family
May 4, 2022

What To Leave Behind For Your Kids

Have you ever thought about what your true values are? About what kind of legacy you're leaving behind for your kids and wife?

Clint Wetherill and I discuss these questions and what it really means to have an eternal mindset and not one focused on worldly things. Are you leaving behind money and items for your kids, or are you leaving behind lessons, knowledge, and a love for God?

Clint Wetherill has been involved in the real estate investment business for over a decade. During that time, he was an investor buying and rehabbing bank owned homes for himself. Later, he turned that passion into becoming a licensed real estate broker. As a property manager in Indianapolis, he has experience managing thousands of individual residential rental properties, apartment buildings, and commercial office space. Clint has a personal portfolio of investment properties that is made up of executive level single family homes, condominiums, vacation properties, apartment buildings, and commercial office buildings. Clint also consults directly with multiple banks handling their entire inventories of REO homes by providing rehab and sales services. In addition to working in real estate, Clint is a husband and father of two beautiful daughters. He also is an active member of his church where he plays drums on the worship team.