Healthy Faith
May 4, 2022

Why Quiet Time With God Is So Important

Do you feel like you don't spend enough time with God? Is your faith lukewarm or you don't feel close to God? Learn the importance of consistent quiet time with God in this latest podcast.

Joining me on the podcast this week is good friend Sep Shoemaker, of Shoemaker Properties. Sep is a devout follower of Christ who has put in the work and effort to have a relationship with God. On this podcast we cover Sep's story, how he got into real estate, and most importantly Sep's relationship with God. Sep is a faithful servant who makes sure to put quality time with God at the start of his day every single day. We go over why spending quiet time with God is so important, how to stay consistent in your faith, and what it means to be a Christian business owner.

Guiseppe (Sep) Shoemaker was born in Richmond Indiana. He has been married to his wife Allison for 20 years and they have two boys, Tucker, and Toby. They live on their farm outside of Richmond and enjoy the country life. Sep has been in the construction industry for 30 years, and is the owner of Shoemaker Properties LLC, Shoemaker Properties Management LLC, and Shoemaker Properties Contracting LLC. When he’s not spending time with his family or working, Sep enjoys leading worship and small groups at LIFESPRING Church, where he and his family attend.Jesus, business, and leadership are all areas that Sep is consistently trying to grow in.