Healthy Self
June 3, 2022

Be More Successful With More Margin In Your Life

Steve Richards is a successful Real Estate Investor and has a great coaching program for entrepreneurs called CEO Nation. While Steve has crushed it in growing businesses and accomplishing many goals, he found himself at a loss in his life.

Steve realized he was spinning his wheels and not knowing what for. Steve understood the importance of margin in business, but not in his personal life.

As Steve began to add more margin in his life, and made space to be still, Steve began to learn the importance and power of stillness. Steve's marriage improved, his health improved, and even his business improved. Steve shares about how everything is interconnected, and when you can add more margin in your life and refocus, you will find more purpose and accomplishment in all areas of your life.

0:00 Intro

1:20 Gaining your identity back as a man

6:50 Religion vs Spirituality

8:20 We forget who we are – Inner War

10:45 Importance of Stillness

13:45 My Real Estate business worked well, but I had no margin

17:00 Awakened to stop drinking alcohol

18:19 Creating Margin in our lives

22:21 Learning how to Focus and converge everything I'm involved in – everything is interconnected

24:10 Checking energy levels and health

25:57 Growing deeper with my wife, healthier marriage

27:56 What's the best version of yourself? Finding Identity