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June 3, 2022

SMALL ACTS - BIG IMPACT | No Act Of Kindness No Matter How Small Is Wasted | Bryan Driscoll

It's the little things in life that many times mean the most.

It's the little things in life that many times mean the most. Bryan Driscoll knows that better than anyone. In his troubled teenage years, Bryan drifted and became homeless. But one small act of kindness from a caring family set his life back on track in a positive trajectory.

At the time, Bryan himself didn't realize how big of an impact this small act of kindness would have on his life. But years later, Bryan wanted to repay this family. After being unable to track them down, he decided to pay it forward. Bryan thought about "What does it mean to pay it forward?" He didn't have the means to do grand gestures, so he decided to model what the family did for him.

Bryan shares stories of how his small acts of kindness made national news and helped people in need. And how his small acts of kindness moved those he helped to pay it forward as well. A movement began by small actions. This just goes to show that no act of kindness, no matter how small, is wasted.

Listen to Bryan share stories and insight on how your simple acts can affect others, and how small acts can greatly change your personal life for the positive as well. Of course Brett shares a few Bible verses about being thankful for the little things. They also talk about the pros and cons of doing small acts of kindness anonymously. If you want to change a life today, check it out!




SMALL ACTS - BIG IMPACT | No Act Of Kindness No Matter How Small Is Wasted | Bryan Driscoll

Half of the stuff that impacts people's lives are the Small Things. Opening the door for someone and just giving them a smile. Nine out of 10 times that doesn't mean anything to the person, but that one time, they might be coming from a funeral, or they might be coming from wherever. Like having a bad day. 99% of the people want to help and they want to be good. Everyone overthinks it. It's like... I have to do something really big to make a difference. So people just don't do it. Because it's like, "Oh I got to go start a nonprofit." "I got to go raise 100 Grand." "I got to go..." do whatever. It's like... really small acts, I think can make a difference in people's lives.

BRETT: What's going on? this is Brett Snodgrass with another episode of The Iron Deep Podcast. Got my good friend, Bryan Driscoll on the podcast with me today. What's going on Bryan?  

BRYAN: - What's up man? How you doing?

BRETT: - Doing fantastic, man. Thanks for being on the show. Love your background. "We buy..." What's that say in your background? "We Buy Houses..." No...  

BRYAN: - Yes. "We buy" and we scratch out the buy and put "Get."  

BRETT: - "Get" "Get houses."

BRYAN: - We get houses for Real Estate Investors.  

BRETT: - Is that your... That's your marketing, right? Behind that? So that's awesome, man. So Bryan Driscoll, welcome to the house. I've known Bryan for a couple years now. Part of the Mastermind group Collective Genius. We did a trip to Guatemala together. And I tell you, the Guatemala trips, I think they intensify relationships. It seems like, you know, the closest people that I've... that I am in masterminds with... Typically I've done some sort of trip like that with. So can you talk about that real quick? We're going to get in today guys "Paying it forward." "Simple acts of kindness." But... you know, I love... and I think that's your heart Bryan, just your heart goes out to paying it forward. Impacting people's lives. You went on this Guatemala trip by yourself, right? By the way. Talk to us about that... experience...  with Pablo - Transforming Futures and Iron Deep.

BRYAN: - So yeah. You're actually the reason I went there though. It was the CG event. You guys were up front talking about the impact it made for you guys. You went down to Guatemala with family, things like that. You've seen how it impacted kids. So I came home from that event, and I think, if I remember right, you guys were leaving like two or three weeks after the event. It was real close. - Yeah. - So I came home, and I was talking to my wife, I'm like "Hey! I'm thinking about taking Eli." My oldest. She's like "He's only nine years old." She's like... And he's a little bit on a maturity level... I think boys mature a little bit earlier... or Later than women. Or girls. So it's like "Okay. I'll just go by myself. Check it out." So I didn't know anybody. Like, I didn't really know you. I didn't know anyone on the trip. I'm like, "You know what? I'm just gonna see what happens." Just popped up. I'm just going to follow it. I feel like I should do it. So I fly down to Guatemala. I meet up with you guys, and it was freaking... it was lifechanging! Like... I didn't even know what to expect. I didn't even know what we were doing or where we were going or anything. So I mean, I knew where we were going in the city, but I thought we were going to freaking work in the dumps.  

BRETT: - Right?  

BRYAN: - Like... I literally didn't research this much.  

BRETT: - No, definitely. Yeah so it was an amazing experience. I think it's just... that's where we build these... these amazing... I'm big on deep relationships, Brotherhood relationships. And when we do an event like that it cranks up the intensity... just to build the depth of our relationship even. I know we've had several conversations after that. And if you guys don't know that you know... our organization Iron Deep does some... mission trips to Guatemala. We're linked up with Pablo with Transforming Futures. Check out their organization. And basically we're training and helping teen orphans, you know, get from 16 to 18 years old... exit the the orphanage as they can support themselves through life. So... that's one thing we did on there. And I just remember that... yeah you didn't know anybody. But man, we just... that was an amazing time. Amazing experience! And hopefully we can do it again and bring your son Eli next time.

BRYAN: - Yeah it was cool like even even down there with uh handing out balloons the like because you figure that people there are so poor and one thing I realized they're so poor but they're happy yeah so it's like they're in a it gave me a different perspective I remember when I came home from there I went I came in my house and I was in my garage and I'm looking around I'm like my garage is bigger than their house yeah and I just have a normal house like I don't have like a mansion or anything it's just two-car garage I'm like they live in such poverty that it's like we I take stuff for granted you know what I mean yeah and I think that's one of the things is just this that simple life and I was actually thinking about this the other day if uh let's take again let's take one of the one of people and I was thinking about this what if you had two people side by side one are like a rich rich person but you could see what what they're going on inside and they were just unhappy and miserable right but then he have this poor person over here but you could see what they and they were they were happy and joyful which one would you choose that just reminded me of the kind of the journey down there because you're right I mean sometimes I go through these different things and they actually have nothing but but just the joy that comes out of them so amazing trip with that we're not going to just talk about that all today but but it kind of goes with just you Brian um I want to talk about your life a little bit so you were kind of sharing with me your journey uh can you just take it take us back there was a point in the 90s where you were going through a tough time and you had an impactful moment in your life and I wanted you share this story because I think it impacted even several years later 20 25 years later yeah sure so little background I was a troublemaker in school so I went to like the public schools and I had to get switched in high school to the Catholic schools so I was a little bit of Troublemaker a little bit of a rebel but I remember I got pissed at my parents I was probably 17 or 18 years old and I went to the Greyhound station took a duffel bag had like 200 bucks maybe and said literally give me the next what's the next bus leaving so I'm in Pittsburgh the next bus was going to Orlando okay hopped on a Greyhound Greyhound's a little suspect anyways I don't know if you've ever ridden on one but some some characters on there so it took us like 24 hours I get down to Orlando I had no plan and a couple box I'm like I don't even know what to do so I there was some people on the last bus that we took down they like hey you know what come with us real quick we'll help you find a hotel so I found a hotel was a days in 25 bucks a day so what I was doing I'm down there in the hotel eating paying 25 bucks a day and eating 99 cent hamburgers from Wendy's because I can't afford anything first thing is so then I then I go trying to find a job at say Publix I went there you can't get a job if you don't have an address like like how do you feel out their application so it's So eventually I started running out of money I had to go start working for a job labor pool like one of the places where you just line up they was actually building Animal Kingdom I was carrying like stuff and you go work there for like 25 30 bucks a day doing manual labor So eventually I ran out of cash you're you're like what 16 17 at this time probably 171 18 right around there yeah okay yes So eventually I ran out of cash and I didn't know what to do so I started walking back to the I was just gonna sleep in the Greyhound station like I can't afford a hotel tonight I'm going to sleep at the Greyhound station I'm walking I had a red and white there a red white and black duffel bag like one that you hold on your side and I'm walking through like a a war zone like the ghetto to get through the Greyhound and I remember some someone pulls up beside me on my left it was a black tracker if you remember those cars the real small ones the Geo Tracker yeah Geo Trackers yeah and it was um a lady and her son he was an adult like he wasn't a kid or anything but they they looked over me they're like where you going doesn't look like you belong and I explained it to them and they they took me to their house and let me stay with them for like a week wow so it's like you look back at that who like who who does that like I I like would kill me it's like it's like I enjoy helping people but even that like I don't think I could bring a stranger to my house that I found on a side of the road in a ghetto right you know I mean like that's so I'm like okay and I didn't think much of it at the time I'm like oh boy this is really nice they they hooked me up so I stayed with them for like a week I remember they had this cat it must be some like real fancy cat it looked it was like three times the size of a cat and it looked like a cheetah so I remember this thing was like it was probably like three feet tall so I get there and I remember eating they had spaghetti and I remember eating I was like so freaking hungry because I haven't eaten for a while and uh I wanted to pay it back I'm like hey let me do something and they were just trying to be nice like yeah you know what go clean the grill maybe because they there was nothing they didn't need anything they weren't doing it for that so after that what happened was they helped me get a job in the Marriott like maintenance so so I was staying with them they put me up in a hotel for a couple days and then got me a job so they they kicked out like 300 bucks for a hotel room and then I got a job there and then I talked with my family and everything and ended up coming back so the kicker is I don't know who they are so all this stuff I'm young I'm stupid they number one I owe them $300 I still don't know who they are like I still can't pay them back and and $300 isn't even a lot of money it's just some it's it's just the point that I can't get it to him yeah but the impact it had on me was number one I don't think they know the impact that it had in my life I think they must just be generally good people this is what they do and that was just like an everyday occurrence for them but for me it put me on a trajectory especially since I can't pay them back I watch the movie Pay It Forward after and I'm like you know what that's what I'm going to do I can't pay them back so I'm just going to try doing nice things for other people and pass along the positive energy yeah man that's amazing just just that small Act of of kindness right and again I don't think they even knew like you said they probably didn't even know the impact but then the effect that had on you 20 25 and just the rest of your life that that it had on you and uh even before this podcast you were talking about some of those small acts like it impacted you so much like you're trying to pay it forward you're trying to do small acts of kindness um for other people C can you talk about about that because you've been on this trajectory I mean I've seen you over the past couple of years and positive attitude always you know down in guat Guatemala you're always trying to help people losing a bunch of weight um you know can you talk to us about just some of these small Acts or paying a forward um you know acts that you've done or you've seen other people do in your life yeah yeah so I like so there's all kinds of different things and the reason I like doing it is because I think I think in this world that everybody wants that 99% of the people want to help and they want to be good right and I think in my opinion even what I thought before too it's like you got to do something everyone overthinks it it's like I have to do something really big to make a difference so so people just don't do it because it's like oh I gotta go start an nonprofit I gotta go raise a 100 Grand I gotta go do whatever yeah I gotta go build an orphanage I got to go to Africa I got to start a church whatever I don't know right yeah just like big stuff and I started thinking about them like half of the stuff that impacts people's lives are the small things yeah like opening the door for someone and just giving them a smile nine out of tenen times that doesn't mean anything to the person but that one time they might be coming from a funeral or they might be coming from wherever like having a bad day or even just getting road rage and things like it's like really small acts I think can make a difference in people's lives like even leaving a bigger tip for a someone in a waitress you know what I mean like I think in my life I can do things that really don't affect my life at all MH but it could impact somebody else's and I think everybody has that because I think most people look at making a difference for money and I think 90% of it has nothing to do with money I mean you need money to do things but I think it's more being kind to people uh treating with respect thinking how you can treat people like you want to be treated things like that so that's kind of like I don't know if that answers the question there but that's like what I think on the small acts yeah well I think that's that's that's really awesome because again I think when we think about trying to make an m impct we think again we go to the big things maybe I'll start a podcast you know and that's a kind of a big thing in in my world or we'll do these mission trips and do some construction projects or build this orphanage or some of this other stuff and I want maybe our audience can think about what were some of the impactful moments in their life uh even when you were talking and it's funny how you even mentioned you didn't realize it was impactful at the time and I had a guy in college that uh he I was about a senior I was going through a tough time you know a dark time in my life just just caught up in a lot of different things and he would uh say hey do you want to go he was a lot order me you want to go out meet me for coffee uh you know once a week I'll just you know I don't even remember what we talked about I just remember he was kind he would give me some wisdom we would he would just spend some time with me just you know fun and and I didn't realize how impactful that was until like five six years later and then you know that's when I kind of went through uh you know came to my faith and I remembered man that was so impactful and then I did look him up and I did and he work and now he works for us that's awesome but but it's so funny like just at the time you don't realize I didn't realize how impactful it was and I think you had that moment as well that we don't realize until until years later um you've had some other impactful moments you know throughout your life that have kind of shifted to you you've talked about this amazing moment with this with this family that kind of took you in you've had some other moments that have also shifted trajectory just made you reflect made you think and I think you know here at iron deep we're always talking about to reflect on life to think about life to what's the meaning of life so talk to us about some other things that have really impacted you throughout uh throughout your journey yeah sure so like I said I was a troublemaker before in high school can you talk about that like just real quick like why were you a troublemaker I mean was it just you were just aggressive and you I don't know like was there something you did bad childhood what was it that's a good question I wasn't I was never aggressive like I was always nice kid I'm not a fighter like fist fighter stuff like that like I didn't grow up that way I was more the guy that I'm like I don't give a I don't care it's like just because my I come from a family my dad was really strict So eventually it's just like I break it's like you know what I don't care about anything so for example like my senior year of high school I skipped like 90 days wow like I just I'm just like you know what what are you g to do I'm just not going you know so it like came to that point you know man that's that's not a that's that's fun that that's interesting so what can I ask you just real quick just about because sometimes we have these fatherhood types of shows but sometimes there's this phrase that go um you can't have correction without connection we're like so sometimes as a parent if we're always correcting correcting correcting but we're not connecting was that part of it you think your your parents were strict but the connection was was not there I'm not really sure I think it would yeah probably not not that much connection because it's just like hey this is the way it is and I have a battle now because I'm a father so it's like okay I like how I turned out and it gives me conflict because it's like okay it was really tough not necessarily even just that just things in general it's like I don't want to make it too easy for my kids because that is important you know what I mean yeah the healthy struggle um there's there's a healthiness to it right you don't want to make it too easy too comfortable of life right yeah and then also you look back too and you're like I don't even know how to do this game like okay I know how I grew up I don't know the right way right so it's like constantly trying to find a balance of okay because the answer your question yeah I was real strict like I played trumpet and piano I was I studied at Carnegie melon University when I was in high school for uh trumpet so I was I was really really good but I was the kid that's like you know what you go practice two three hours a day every day and just be the best and we don't want to talk about it and like no social life it's like one of those things it's eventually you're just like you know what there's no balance and there's no reason why so it's just like me I'm just like you know what I'm done yeah and I just started going haywire just doing whatever I wanted wow that's crazy that's crazy so anyway so you were a rebellious child right and I think you still have some of that in you I mean I can see it you got this wildness in you but you can take that wildness and turn it into to a positive by doing some of these kind of other crazy things that that you're talking about so talk to us about some of these other impactful moments right so so another impactful moment more on the I don't know if necessarily negative but it was a big impact in my life like I said I I got into I when I was about 20 years old I started making a lot lot of money at the time I was 20 years old making over six digits I was one of the top sales reps at Comcast so I'm making bank and then every night we're going to party it's like I'd be ordering limos we're just going buying beers because I was making 20 years old most of my friends didn't have cash so I was just you're watching the rap videos and just trying to do what they did exactly and then so what we would do is we we just go out and party all the time and everything was fine I'd get arrested for stupid stuff like peeing in public or whatever and then one night we came home it was like 1:32 in the morning and I had an assault rifle so one of my buddies knew how to use an assault rifle he's like I'm like hey how's this thing work he's like let's go shoot out street lights so we went out I was in a passenger seat shooting out streetlights and he was taking uh something it was called Mini Thins it was like an over-the-counter asthma medication but he overdosed while driving the car that night and like that and then I pushed him in passenger seat took off it was like a big thing because they didn't know if I did something wrong or what the situation was but like that impacted me for it still impacts me but that like really really screwed my head up for years you know like wasn't my fault was it like just replaying the whole thing and then you don't remember properly anyways you know what I mean so so do you think it impacted you obviously just to go through the trauma of that uh was it more of was it your fault I should have known he was taking too much of of the substance or uh or just seeing someone pass away like a friend die right um you know just just during that season of your life make you think about life and like man this is like that could happen to me like that right can you talk to us a littleit about that yeah so it's a couple things so so whenever we wrecked we hit a guard rail and in a car spa and I didn't know anything happened so I grabbed him and tossed him in the passenger seat and took off wow so and then so I got pulled over I was the guy in a driver's seat with somebody that was non responsive with a loaded gun in the car wow right so then the things you start thinking about are the different scenarios like hey what if I just would have stayed there when we wrecked instead of driving down the road right or different things like that like the wh ifs yeah you know what I mean like maybe it would been a different outcome plus also you learn like this this guy he was a great guy like he'd give you the he literally gave me the shirt off his back before um it's just like a great guy and you're like and it you look like wow life is that fragile with we were horsing around it wasn't like we were doing anything bad thing I mean we were doing bad stuff but it's not like we were doing anything malicious trying to hurt people and things like that happen so gives you a little different perspective on life yeah yeah definitely so you went through that season of of 20 you're making all this money I mean any any impact just after that you you know positive negative uh did you did you shift obviously your loaded gun getting pulled over getting arrested was there a shift in your life just at that point or positive or negative yeah I think right then for probably the next four or five years it was negative yeah so it it's like depression kind of thing uh feeling bad not not having a direction and um I actually pushed so hard trying to like figure out what to do next that I would I got involved with the business actually in real estate I failed miserably at it back then um in pre-construction real estate and ended up getting they call it 302 in Pittsburgh I ended up getting sent to to looney bin because I didn't sleep for a couple days so this whole thing like that was a trigger for like a lot of mental things that I dealt with that you still deal and I think everybody deals with them it's just like it came on really fast I had to deal with it and then it spirals into different things you know no definitely so was that kind of like a rock bottom some people reach this this point of right you do I you're getting arrested substance partying hard loaded guns shooting out lights right you're I mean you're kind of a yeah a little Heathen uh at that point ended up in a mental institution I mean was that like Brian's Rock Bottom of life like man this is yeah this is I would say that's a rock bottom yeah um so you started off you had a failed business so talk to us about just just after that I mean you know was there this other their shift after the Rock Bottom moment of of just uh cuz like I said I've seen such a you know um light in you just an inspiration of of your journey of of paying it forward and talk to us about just kind of bring us up to the date yeah sure so so number one the hitting the Rock Bottom I look back and it's like boy that really sucked but also now it it made me who I am too because now it's like okay say with mental things I'm always cognizant of sleep things like that trying to stay even because I know what can happen same thing with alcohol I don't really touch alcohol anymore because I see what can happen there too yeah you know what I mean so so you learn lessons from the stuff you just it just hurts really bad yeah and you just got to make sure you can come back from it but to answer your question there so years later I was telling you a little bit earlier I have this idea on I think everybody can make a difference in the world right and back back then I was trying to trying to make an impact because I wanted to make up for what happened you know what I mean so I'm like okay I want to make an impact and some lady helped me I don't know who she is and I was going about it but it was I think it was premature I wasn't ready yet so someone told me back in the day they're like you know what you need to go make some money first and come back and revisit this because then you can make an impact it's hard to make an impact when you can't feed yourself but while I was doing that I had an idea and I was borderline I'm like is this a crazy idea or legit and what I wanted to see was I wanted to see if you could take one action and multiply it like the Pay It Forward movie does right like the pay it pay it forward is basically for anyone who doesn't know I'll do you a favor I don't want you to pay me back I want you to go do that do a favor in the future when you find somebody with need go help a couple people out and pay it back that way right so what I did was I went on to Craigslist and I picked a random City and it was Chicago and I put a posting up there said hey you know what uh I want to come to your city and help somebody out the only thing I want in return is for you to pay it forward to a couple people I don't want paid I don't want anything so I got blown up with emails a lot of like spammy stuff but I there were some legit people too so did you put an ad on Craigslist like what was that yeah it wasn't a paid ad like Craigslist you can just post stuff up so you posted said I wanna I wanna I want to help someone in this city and I want you to pay a forward and then people started contacting you yep yeah so yes I I probably put it in the free section or something yeah I had one guy hit me up he couldn't afford a car battery one guy hit me up um they needed or actually it was a girl she needed help taking a swing set down and just loading into the truck because she didn't have any help and it was for her son it was a free swing set she was getting another guy needed help just tearing out a bathroom he was trying to help someone outse so it's just like like random stuff you never think about it you know what I mean it's like and these are like really legit uh where you could go and you can actually help someone it wasn't like oh I need 50 bucks I mean some of them had money to do with it but a lot of it was just your time and willingness to help I mean yeah that's crazy just some random things um it's like totally random so I'm like okay I can get and it wasn't like a ton either the guy just needed help got in the bathroom for a couple hours yeah it's not like I went and remodeled the bathroom with him he just needed an extra hand yeah so it was kind of cold so I went up there and I documented this on a old camcorder right and I came back I edited it up it's it's horribly edited it's it's 2009 video type of stuff but what I did was I just wanted to see okay can I document this I put it on YouTube just to see what would happen because I'm wondering if I did this can a message like that Inspire other people at scale yeah like can can you help can you can something like that be the snowball and interesting enough I started getting hit up by media all over the place really so like the windy citizen uh Pittsburgh I was on the front page of the Post Gazette like two days in a row here in Pittsburgh um but like it was on CNBC like all these different news news channels or not channels but the papers uh it was in Huffington Post they were pretty popular back then and the whole thing that I had that they were hitting me up and most of them half of them didn't write the story because I told them I I said you have to keep me Anonymous like I do not want my name tied to this and one of them's like okay I think I can tell the story without putting your name in it like okay and the reason I told him that I explained it it's like I don't want this to be because it's a white kid who's 20 years old that's why you can do it or whatever like everyone's goingon to have a reason once you put a face behind it I feel if you don't put a face behind it then you you just don't know there's no excuse there's no nothing to compare yourself to so right so that that was pretty impactful because it showed me you know what there is something there I don't know what it is yet like I still am wrapping my head around it but there's something there that you can put positive things out there and have them compound yeah no I love that and I love that you're talking about just just staying Anonymous I mean obviously that's a biblical biblical too just don't let your left hand know what your right hand's doing uh there was a sign I think uh President Ronald Reagan would have and it said something like uh you can accomplish anything in this world if you don't care who gets the credit um but there's something inside of us as humans because what you did is very simple uh just helping people out just going and helping rip out a bathroom put in a swing set just something something simple with random strangers and they didn't have other people that was willing to do that so they called someone off of Craig's List and it got media attention and people took notice because it was different and unique and I guess my question is like that's just small AXS that's just it's it's it's not this big old thing but it caught so much attention because no one does it I guess right it's just it's just a random thing and I want to just talk to you about that talk about your heart about you know our audience that anyone can do this anyone can do the these small acts that really are impactful you don't have to do these these big things um and remaining Anonymous right because I think human nature that's like hard to do because I think deep down you're like oh I hope people find out that it was me right so they can say something about it right yeah an anonymous thing it's like a double-edged sort like we I published a book about this all too it was anonymously done I published an under pseudonym and what I found was it's like okay not putting a name behind something is really really hard to get traction like because I was talking to some big reporters a lot of them wouldn't write the story just because they need a name and same thing like you can't push really push a book without somebody behind it so it's like okay I don't want to be known I don't want anything to do it but then then it's like sometimes it's like okay do you need to like to get something to happen there has to be someone out there too so it's like it's like a constant battle there um I just figure like give without like I always heard that phrase it's like you just give you know you just do it because you do it you don't need the person doesn't even know who where it came from or anything you don't even need to be involved and that's like being genuine yeah you know with no alterior motives you know what I mean yeah no I love that that's uh that's amazing and I think this episode really is just about that small actx that those impactful moments and we've heard some of your story um Brian just from you know starting off with that that lady who you never knew taking you into her home uh to doing these small acts in in the city and uh and then now let's just talk about today right I mean you're kind of on this journey I want to talk a little bit about you're in a digital marketing space you know you're in the real estate space a lot of Real Estate Investors are out here we're not really going to get into that today guys but I think I want to talk about you evaluating your life and you spend time on that because right before this call you did an energy assessment where like you know you're looking at your activities and things that give you energy versus things that diminish your energy and that's a hard thing because I I see more and more people they don't stop they don't pause they don't reflect on their life they don't do any of these exercises that could help them but how often do you do these types of things how often maybe do you pause to be intentional with some of these different things in your life maybe talk to us even about this energy assessment yeah sure so the energy energy audit is is basically you have two columns on a Google sheet or a piece of paper one column is tasks and things you do that give you energy the other column is tasking things that drain your energy so for example doing a podcast this gives me energy I enjoy doing this kind of stuff doing my books I'm good at it but I don't like doing it it's like it's funny I've had I've had a podcast today and I've had a meeting with my bookkeeper I can tell you which one drains my energy right so so it's like in everyone's the funny thing is too the stuff that drains my energy is what gives other people energy like there's somebody out there that's exact opposite of me that loves doing books so so what we do is we section them and it and it helps you evaluate it's like I know that I enjoy building things I enjoy helping people I enjoy teaching things but once it gets done I hate managing it so it's like I want to I was telling you before they the analogy I want to take the ball up the hill like the snowball I want to push it but want to be done I want to build it I want to build everything make it real cool make the processes stuff like that but then I don't want to be involved in the nitty-gritty that drives me freaking nuts yeah so I look at things like that just because then you can prioritize your day and be like okay let's do less of what I don't like and find someone else to do that let's do more of what I do like because I'm going to do better at it because I enjoy it it's a way better life for me because I'm doing things that I enjoy versus just doing work and I think it's just an overall it just helps overall and especially like you can even look at things like what's your purpose things like that too it's like okay let's let's think it through and think okay what should what do I need to do now and let's think in 10 years like do you still want to be doing real estate or do you want to be doing something to make an impact or like everyone's different you just think it through though and then you have a plan yeah yeah no I love it and it's just a very simple exercise again we're just talking about simple impactful moments we talked about working for other people but also just working those simple impactful moments for yourself just doing some of these exercises and you're not going to get rid of everything right off the bat and you can't just wipe wipe the one stuff that doesn't give me energy clean and say oh I'm not going to do any of that anymore because then you'll kind of run into a disaster but it's just those simple exercises and then can you remove one is there something that like maybe you went through this exercise that you realized some of these things was there something that you say okay I got to remove this from my business from from my life right because sometimes we do this stuff with our business but then we don't even do it with our life yeah you know what so a couple things I just redid this a couple weeks ago number one I've removed slack from my phone just because it stresses me out at night time I always have like a constant urge to look at my phone because the team's messaging so say you know what my goal is to be present with the family so I'm not I'm not just gonna stick my phone in a drawer but I'm gonna remove the app from my phone and only deal on slack when I'm in front of the computer you know what I mean so things like that or I looked at I hate doing payroll it's easy you just go and press a button but I delegated that to somebody else like okay that's easy now I never have to think about it again yeah so it's like you can do small things or you can remove things that are distraction depending on what your goals are yeah yeah I like that I was uh with a coach the other day and he was talking about um business owners being present with their families and how do they do that Within These certain hours of time typically it's dinner to like bedtime right and the their advice was that they leave their phone um they left their phone like in the car in her laptop in the car they didn't even take it in with them because they said even if it's in the same room they're tempted to get on it and start working right and he was talking about how many how many of you have been with your family took your phone into the bathroom or laptop and were just worked in the bathroom I'm sure I'm sure that we've all done that um so those are just like little tips too because it's not just the time but it's the energy it's the energy of the thinking about oh I wonder if they message than me I get that Ding we use Voxer I just got a couple of dings before this call I'm like oh I wonder wonder what they're looking at um and the thing is if you look back at it I always figure in five years am I gonna look back at this message and be like yeah that was a life-changing thing it's like no it's a slack message yeah but being there for your kids that's important yeah no amen amen that's awesome well we've talked about just kind of simple impact moments um anything like in your business you you got a amazing business digital marketing um you know you get motivated leads for uh for Real Estate guys like myself anything that uh you do maybe for your business or for your team that's just impactful that maybe it's a little bit different a little bit unique and again you know sometimes we think about we got to do these big things but any small things um that you've done and it doesn't have to be money incentives anything like that so you know what there's a really cool so I got this guy named Paul who works with me right like a big freaking teddy bear you just love the guy so we created in our back to slack we created we're all remote so we created a slack Channel called Health just a health Channel everyone because everyone's remote we're trying to build culture things like that so what we did is I'll go ride my bike and I'll record it or whatever drop it in there some of the guys are really in shape they drop stuff in there Paul in our calls keeps saying dude I keep seeing this stuff I want to get in shape so I'm like okay well if you say it let's do it like what's your day so I make him a little accountable but by putting that in there just yesterday he put in a video first video was introducing us to his bike for like a minute and then the second video is him out there huffing it on his bike and it's like dude just something as simple as making somewhere like depending on what your team's interested in like health or books or whatever making that where everyone can engage that like it could have an effect if he starts walking things like that he could get in good shape you know it's like something super small if you're always just thinking what can you do to help other people like small stuff not big stuff it's just like hey you know what on our company calls guys said they don't want to get in health in shape this year for 2023 let's make a health Channel and who knows what comes from it you know yeah no that's awesome I love it and it probably motivated you all right seeing him out there huffing it so like it just made me happy I'm sitting there I'm like that is awesome you know and just someone putting in that effort um that's awesome uh last question I think is really just just that Legacy question I mean obviously you're you're you're building this uh business paying it forward making an impact in people's lives obviously you're a big family man I know even when you went to Guatemala you say you don't really travel a lot without your family it takes you a lot to to pull you away from your family it has to be really important um for for that to do that so can you talk to us about just just the next five 10 years of your life legacies talk um anything that that you're looking at that you're looking forward to making an impact on yeah so my next thing so number one I'm G to continue in the digital marketing space to be financially free I'm already pretty good but I want to make I want to create wealth that I can do whatever I want and my main purpose is I don't know what it is yet but it's going to be along the lines of trying to inspire others with a small act to make a big difference so like the same thing that I did in Craigslist I think now number one I have the money and I have the knowledge on how to get messages out it's going to be around that I don't know what it is yet I'm still waiting like I I figure that's one of the things that just like when the time's right the opportunity is going to pop in my head and then I can take action so I know 80% of what I'm going to be doing and it's GNA be something really impactful not financially impactful really and I'm going to self fund it so it's gonna be like one of those things that you just do versus having all these different people involved telling you what to do you know what I mean um but it's not going to be a nonprofit it's not any of that kind of stuff the whole purpose is just going to be to try to help other people uh put positive energy out there in the world like just do good work amen man I love that well I would love to see and just be a part of of anything I love what you're doing um and I know we didn't get a chance to talk about your business but guys out there make sure uh you check out what what's the best website if someone's interested in motivated leads obviously we got a lot of real estate guys on here yeah sure just motivated okay awesome motivated so Brian is it's been a blast man thanks for being on the R&D podcast so small acts of kindness guys go out there and make a difference make an impact in someone's life it do have to be this big building orphanage in a third world country it could be that smile they open up the door it could be paying for the Starbucks behind you it could be you know putting in the swing set and in the back of the pickup. So thanks so much for being for being on the podcast today. See you guys next time. Thanks man! Appreciate you!