Healthy Self
June 3, 2022

Being Healthy Is Simple But Not Easy

Have you wanted to lose weight? Get healthier? Eat better? Dr. Michael Pierce explains to us how simple habit changes can lead to big success for our health.

Joining me on the podcast this week is owner of Empower Family Chiropractic; Dr. Michael Pierce. Our health and how we feel is a very simple recipe to follow. Exercise daily, eat natural food, and practice habits that stimulate your mind and body. Doing all these isn't exactly easy though. Dr. Mike and I discuss our health, how to establish healthy habits, why so many of us have health problems to begin with.

Mike's passion is educating and empowering people to reach the highest levels of health and performance possible. Growing up as an athlete he truly values the importance of performing and functioning at the highest level. He was inspired to become a chiropractor when he watched it change and save his dad’s life. The Max living approach to health seemed to be the most congruent and logical to him: find and correct the cause of the problem instead of continuing to treat the symptom, Ultimately allowing people to reach their God given healing potential.