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June 3, 2022

Business Men's Health Tips And Tricks

J. Malone shares tips, tricks, and words of advice that have helped him stay healthy as he gets older.

Join J Malone, real estate investor and entrepreneur, and I as we talk about J's personal road to getting back his health and some tips and tricks he's learned along the way. So often health comes at the end of priorities as an adult business man who has a family and kids and a million different responsibilities. Listen in from J and I as we go over practical ways for you to exercise, why a personal trainer isn't always the answer, and why it's so important to prioritize your health from a young age.

J Malone is a passionate entrepreneur who started his first business in music and then transitioned to real estate. He has sold over 300 homes in his career is in currently focused on inspiring others and helping them with their health.


So often, health comes at the end of the list of priorities for an adult businessman who has a family, kids, and a million different responsibilities. On the podcast today, I have my old friend J. Malone with me, who underwent his own personal health transformation where he made exercise and a healthy diet a priority. Listen in on J as we go over tips, tricks, and words of advice that have helped him stay healthy as he gets older.

Business Men's Health Tips And Tricks

I got my man, the original gangster Real Estate Investor from Indianapolis, Indiana. He doesn't live in Indianapolis anymore but J Malone. This is the original gangster that he and I came out in Indianapolis many years ago. We were slinging deals in Indianapolis, and it's nice to see a face from back in the day when I first got started.

We got started real estate investing at about the same time. He has just killed this. He started off in Indianapolis, went over to West Coast, and has done multimillion-dollar deals. Now he's doing developments in Atlanta, Georgia. He's an awesome businessman. He's going to dive into his transformation with health. I love this journey because he takes it and simplifies it. It didn't happen overnight.

A few years ago, he reached a point in his health where he decided to make a decision and his life has been transformed forever. This isn't some get-health-quick scheme. It's not anything like that. This took time. It started off small and became a lifestyle. I'm not going to spoil it for you folks, but he is at the height of his health game. He's made some decisions in his life.

He goes through that. Some of the challenges with that are the people that didn't support him with that, what that was like, and what it's like to try to regain your health while doing multimillion-dollar deals as a real estate investor. It's a great interview with J Malone, the original gangster. Stay tuned for that. Also, a couple of other things are coming up. On our website,, we have a new event coming up from June 25th to the 28th of 2023. It's in the northern mountains of Georgia.

We're looking for about twenty guys that want to come out. Most real estate guys are going to be joining us. It's going to be called the Men's Awakening. What we're going to do here is we're going to take you through a program. It's all business owner men, as I said, mostly real estate folks, through an awakening in your faith, purpose, and identity. We're also going to talk about some business stuff too. It's going to be great.

If you want to check that out, check it out and apply on, or at least sign up for our newsletter. We got that coming up. Also, we have a couple of new videos on our YouTube channel. Check out our YouTube channel, Iron Deep YouTube channel as well. Thank you guys so much. Now, I want to introduce you to J Malone. What's going on, J?

How are you doing? It’s very nice to be here. I’m very blessed. Thank you.

I’m super excited. We had a nice conversation before we clicked record. J Malone was one of the originals back in the day on wholesaling and flipping properties back in Indianapolis. There are not very many people. I can literally say that because we were talking many years ago, J. We've been in this game a long time. We're not the rookies anymore. We're the veterans. The seasoned. That's awesome. It’s good to see your face again because I know we haven't chatted a lot.

What's life been like for you? I want to be asked this first question, and that is, what's it like to be that seasoned individual, that seasoned real estate investor, wholesaler, yet many years under your belt, and you're seeing all these different things happening now? A lot of changes, new resources, and new people. The game has changed. I want to get your perspective on what's it like for you in that seat.

It was a blessing to be able to go through the beginning stages where you see. Now we have technologies. It makes things easier for us, but back then, you had to be creative and find sellers. You got all these different groups now. Carleton Sheets was somebody who was like, “Who is this guy?” He's talking about real estate and all these different types of people who were giving us ideas of what to do, and how to be creative and make money.

At that period of time, you had to be more creative. You had to be someone who was ambitious. We came in at a time when we were making things happen out of nothing. Once we understood how we could make money, my whole thing was I wanted to make money because I didn't want to work a regular job or I'm coming from the Midwest where you got Chrysler or Delco. I wanted to find something that inspired me.

Through that, I started to understand how to have business development skills. I’m learning how to work with other people. Learning contracts was super important. I’m learning how to negotiate. Those things came later, but in the beginning, it was all about saying, “I believe in myself.” At that period of time, nobody was working on a computer. Computers were coming out. When I was carrying around a computer, people were like, “What is that? Why do you have that? What’s that doing?” It evolved. I was happy that I was able to believe in myself at that time.

It's crazy because we were working in the same market in Indianapolis, Indiana. I'm trying to take myself back and even try to think about things I used to do. Remember, I had the Garmin in my car. I'd plug in all the addresses. I was typically buying a lot of properties off the MLS. The crash happened around ’07 and ’08, so I'd look at a bunch of bank-owned types of properties, and then we would put in a bunch of offers.

We would sell them on Craigslist. You don't hear a lot about that anymore. It was a simple model and it worked. We didn't have some of the gadgets we do now. I want to thank you because I also had this conversation with you. You went on, and you started off doing that. You still do some of that single-family types of deals but you've gotten into some big heavy hitter deals. You moved out to Arizona. You're doing West Coast deals now. Sometimes, that freaks me out. I'm like, “Los Angeles price and San Diego. You're talking $1 million for a 900-square-foot house or something.” You started getting into developments. Take us through that because that scares a lot of people. They get in their comfort zone and flipping these single-family homes but you took the leap. What was that like for you?

The foundation of what it is that we started out doing. Once you understand how to close a deal, you can close a bigger deal. It's just bigger zeros. The zeros are frightening you. You think if I do a deal for $20,000, the mechanics of the deal, how you found it, and what you did is the same as a multimillion-dollar deal. The first multimillion-dollar deal I did was $2.5 million. I did the same way. I locked it up with my company and put it underneath the contract.

IDP 112 | Health Tips
Health Tips: Once you understand how to close a deal, you can close bigger ones.

The only thing out there is that the earnest money is $50,000. In Indianapolis, you got earnest money of $500. You're locking the property up. You got a small amount of time to get inside of it, do your due diligence, then if you can't get out of it or find a buyer, you have to get out. You got seven days to do all this. I have to have my ducks in a row to be able to play out there in this game because you got $40,000 or $50,000 as your earnest money.

These people out here would take your money. You would be wiped out in one deal. We had to have our ducks in a row. All the deals that I got were all off the MLS. People are saying, “You can't make money off the MLS.” That is a lie. A lot of deals are on the MLS. They just need to be negotiated. What you're doing is you're taking a deal that's already there and you negotiate it down. We still did the same thing. We had a buyer's list and went to a realtor.

I learned a great strategy from California and I use it. Instead of trying to call sellers, I would call realtors. Realtors are the gatekeepers of the real estate business. You call realtors over the phone and say, “Do you have any pocket listings or any off-market properties that you have before you hit the MLS? Could you send it to me?” They would send me these deals before they even got on the market because my buyers only wanted off-market properties.

I've developed relationships with realtors. That's where I had my greatest success. I was working with realtors and learning how to work with them. Even sometimes, when the deals didn't close, being able to have an honest relationship with them, it catapulted me. It took me from not being able to have any deals because you're calling. Now what people do is they get these lists. They scrub down a zip code and they get sellers. They call their house, “This is such and such. Do you want to sell?” “No.”

Now we got virtual assistants. You have somebody who can make those calls every day for you. You have private and upfront deals from a private seller. That's like a newer strategy that's coming into place now when it's having these virtual assistants that are making calls. You make it like a call center now and decide on a wholesale business to get direct deals. If you use leverage, you can always go through a good realtor in any city. I can go tap into Alabama, call realtors there, give me buying criteria, and then develop. That's how you are able to scale over to different areas in the US. It is by realtors. That’s always been something that helped me.

That's awesome. I love that. I love it because your business obviously transformed your life. You started off here in Indi. You went to bigger and better things, multimillion-dollar deals. Honestly, a lot of this shows about your transformation. One of the things that I've noticed, even in my own life, is that we own a business and run an organization. You have your team. Your finances are always up and down like rollercoaster rides. If you have a family, you got all these different things going on, and it affects your health. Sometimes we neglect our health. We put it on the back burner. That's what we do as business owners. I've seen it happen to myself. I've seen it happen to other men time and time again.

That might've happened to you as well. You've been on this journey. I love your journey with this and we're going to take you guys through this. You had a transformation with your health. I want you to talk to us about when the light bulb goes off in that. Where was that transition? What happened? Why didn't you start that earlier? Take us back to when it was that you realized that, like, “I got to focus on my health.” Why did it get bad in the first place?

Health is something that's neglected because we don't think about health until we start getting older. Health has become a passion for me. It's become a part of my purposes because, first, you’re starting out. When you're young, you’re eating and not think of your diet. Most people eat to survive. They don't eat to live. If nobody in your family is health conscious or has a healthy state of mind, you are going to keep passing down through generations the eating habits and what health is to you.

I wasn't at that period of time. I was overweight, and I've been overweight all my life, but everybody around me pretty much had a poor diet. You start to see. My family has diabetes. These health conditions have started to become the norm in our way of life. It's insane to have these chronic conditions. They're not hereditary. It’s a mindset that comes in.

If your family has diabetes, cancer, hypertension, or high cholesterol, these things lead to habitual of your diet. I was overweight and approaching my 40s at the time. I started to do regular stuff. I was out of breath. The first time I went up some steps, then I felt my breathing hard. I didn't change then. One day, I was in the shower, looked at my body, and made that decision.

When I made that decision, I said, “I'm going to change this.” My health journey started at that very moment. I changed. The first thing that I did was I found my why. My why was I didn't want to have diabetes. I have a fear of that. I also wanted to change my health and my body. It was my body, the way it looked. I was ashamed of it, but then I knew I was in poor shape, physically and mentally. I went into a state of mind of wanting to make a difference and change it, and I did that.

The next thing I did is I started with my diet. I cut sugars out and carbs down. I eat veggies and lean meats. I started walking. I want to tell people about walking because, at that period of time, I was overweight. I walked for 30 minutes every day. In that period of time, I was able to keep walking. I’m getting up the next day and walking. I’m talking to myself and affirming, “I can do it.”

I walked for a year, from 30 minutes to about an hour. I was walking and transformed. My diet got very disciplined. Health allowed me to understand self-discipline and how to stay locked in to where it is that you are making a commitment to. From there, I got a trainer later after I had shed all the weight. People want to lose weight, but you shouldn't be trying to lose weight. That's not the key. It's more of your body fat percentage finding out what it is.

As you lose your body fat percentage, you will start to get healthy. You'll get healthier because your organs are being stressed out by the fat and the bad fat. As I'm running, there’s good fat and bad fat surrounding organs pressing on me. That's why we sometimes are out of breath. We’re having these symptoms because the stress that we're putting on our organs causes major health problems.

I want to go back. I love what you're talking about, and this is no secret. We got this billions and billions of dollar industry. The knowledge is out there. We can study it, read about it in a book, look at it on YouTube, and watch some videos on it. However, it's not like this was all new to you but something changed here. It's changing your mindset. Was it a fear of diabetes? You talked about you're coming into the 40s. When you were 32 or 33, did you ever think about this but couldn't quite change it? Your lifestyle completely had changed now, but what was it maybe at this point that you didn't change it at 33 or 34? Was the pain not great enough? Can you talk to us about your mindset on that?

The time that I should have changed was when I was going up those steps, and then I was breathing so hard. Most of the time, we won't change until we are either mad or upset. Something has to dramatically come into you. Mine was more of the way my body looked. You would've thought I would've changed by knowing I was out of breath. That change didn't happen until I was in the shower that day, and I was able to look at my body and say, “You got to change this.” I think that once I have seen the way that my body was looking and being out of shape and covering up to the shame.

Shame also can do things like never being able to take your shirt off at the pool or never feeling comfortable within yourself. It's all a self-reflection. Sometimes, the way we feel about ourselves can make us do a transformation or make us stop where we at. Mine was more self-reflection. That would be the actual key to why I changed. I was looking at myself and saying, “I want to do better about myself.” I didn't start loving myself until later. Health started this, but as years went by, I started loving myself. Spiritual health became something that was important. Healing became important, but at the beginning, it was about self-reflection. That's what made me change.

I love that you talked about starting walking. A lot of times, people have that self-reflection moment and they're like, “I'm going to go workout hard for an hour a day. Maybe get a trainer.” Especially if you're an entrepreneur and you got the money, you can afford that. You're going to grab that. “I'm going to cut out all this and eat food.”

You talked about your diet but you also talked about walking. As you said, you didn't see a trainer for a year. Were you starting to work out, or you started walking and that was your start? Why did you do that? Again, you’re an entrepreneur. You're like me. I’m like, “If I'm going to do this, I'm going all in.” I'm doing it all. Talk to us about that.

The reason why is because, first of all, you have no structure. You don't know anything about structuring and lifting weights. All you know is that I'm getting ready to take a massive action step. The first thing was the simplest thing, walking. If I got a trainer at that time, I probably would still have the weight on me because you're pushing me now. I want to push myself. I don't want to be pushed by somebody else. That's what I thought it was.

I thought the fear of me giving up made me not deal with a trainer at the beginning. Walking was something that was easier for me because I could push myself. If I can't walk, I can't do anything. You can’t go lift any weights. You can't be consistent because these dudes are not going to be right on you. They're going to push you even though that would've been a great thing. At that time, my mindset was, “You need to figure out how you can be consistent and do something on your own.” It can come later.

IDP 112 | Health Tips
Health Tips: You need to figure out how you can be consistent and do something on your own.

I never wanted to lift weights. I never wanted to do that. My thing was getting this weight off me. Walking became something that I said over time. I started to develop more. My breathing became better. I was disciplined in my diet. I had to diet and exercise my leg’s flexibility, and then I spend time with myself. That was important. All those walks, I had a lot of conversations with God inside those walks for 30 minutes to an hour. I'm out there.

Now I started to become a habit of me walking and spending time with myself and God and seeing my body transform. By the time I got to the trainer later, he would say, “I don't get no work to do but put muscles on you.” I had a good year with God and me and was inside of a disciplined state because I was alone.

Nobody in my family was supporting me. Nobody outside, just myself. You have to stay locked in. When you want to dedicate yourself to something, you can't look for cheerleaders out here. You can't look for any of that because I could have gotten derailed at any moment with somebody thinking that somebody next to me was going to keep rooting me on or thinking that. I learned how to say, “If you want something, get locked in with yourself.” That's why it was self-reflection. It came out all about me. Sometimes, when you do want to change, the people around you don't want you to change.

That breaks your heart. What you have to realize is that when you don't see and get the support you need. I was listening to Miles Monroe. He talks about you being an anchor. The test comes when a storm comes. When you’re an anchor, those boats will keep floating. Until you drop that anchor down, get a hold of a rock, and then a storm comes, you'll know how strong you are. By me continuing to go out there at that period of time, not needing the support of other people, I became stronger. It gave me so much zeal and self-power to keep going. I never got defeated. Perseverance became something that was an asset.

I want to talk about diet a little bit because you talked about you became a vegan. At first, you said you cut out some sugars and things like that. Diet is always the thing that trips people up. It's hard because our culture is surrounded by bad diets. It's easy to have a bad diet and hard to discipline yourself to have a good diet because everything around us is 80% bad. Now you're talking about discipline, like 95% and 99%. It's hard to even do that. Was that an over-time thing you became vegan? Talk to us about your diet and how important that was. When did vegan come into play?

Abs are made in the kitchen. People like, “I'm going to do this.” Everybody has abs. What's happening is that you have to start looking at what food does to you and what nutrients. At that period of time, you had nutritional facts that were on food. You will see it. You would see carbs, sugars, and salt. Thank God that we had that because, if you remember back in the day, we didn't have that.

Whatever you're eating, you don't know what's in it. Now we would see these long paragraphs of what the stuff was made out of with stuff we couldn't pronounce. We were putting it in what you’re eating. In the beginning, I started to cut out sugar because of what sugar does to your body. When you have too much of it inside of your body, what happens?

You then have carbs. There are good and bad carbs. At that time, why do I have all this weight on me? It's not much that I wasn't exercising. I'm overeating because we always are programmed, “You need to finish your food and don't waste it,” or you come with this mentality of, “Now you got more money. You think you can eat better.”

When I first got more money, I started putting a whole bunch of steaks in my refrigerator. I felt like I made it. Now, I'm eating more red meat. I'm learning that it didn't want to digest this hard. Red meats can be hard on your digestive system. Also, I’m learning how to stay hydrated. Your body is 70% or 80% water. We're trained to Coke. That's a lifestyle. You want sugar. Your taste buds are retraining your taste buds so that you start to understand, “What am I doing with my diet?” It's very hard for you to change your diet once your taste buds are set on sugar and certain things.

Me cutting out carbs helped me. Bread and cheese were a problem. Everything that I was doing is I'm eating these types of things then, over time, I accumulated much weight. Me cutting out sugar lowered my carbs. I went to lean meat. Turkey and chicken were something that I thought I needed protein because I wanted muscle. My state of mind is I need protein so I can get better. I started learning later that we are sitting up here eating meat, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's the way the meat is processed that is the problem. The processed meats and foods that we're eating are genetically modified, so that causes problems. We're being over-intoxicated by the food and the way it's processed.

After watching What the Health, I get a little more educational understanding of the food industry and how they are targeting us in America. Seventy-five percent of people in America are obese. Why? It’s because of the way that we are eating, and it's causing children. Now you're starting to see more children that are obese now. They're not as active as they are. When you see a parent, his body is a replica of the children. The school systems have failed because of the way they're putting these diets inside the school to drink milk and you need all these things. We're not questioning the way that we eat.

With me and my diet, I became disciplined as early. Once I did that, I ate a lot of chicken and Turkey. Once I cut pork out, then I cut beef out. After I cut that out, I was eating chicken and Turkey. If you see a gorilla, he doesn't eat meat. How can something like that keep eating grass? It’s because the protein isn’t plant-based. I went plant-based later.

What they do is make us feel that we have to eat meat to get protein, but we don't. It's just plant-based. If you have a plant-based diet, you have all the protein and nutrients you need, but it doesn't. You're looking for meat because you think that's where the protein is. The cows graze on meat. They graze on the grass and they get killed. They got all of this protein from traps. You see that. It's the reverse. All the biggest animals that you see like the elephant.

I got a couple of questions. It’s awesome seeing your transformation. I love it because it's simple and you made it a lifestyle. It’s the biggest thing. You didn't do it all overnight. You did one step, you started walking, then you started lifting some weights and exercising. You cut out some sugar, then you've consistently kept growing. You've made that a lifestyle and here you are now. If you're reading, you can't do all this at one time.

A couple of questions I have that I think are some of the stigmas with this is you're a businessman and an entrepreneur. Number one, we're very busy people. Our time comes into play. If I look at you and your diet, you're a vegan, and you got to think about it. You're working out a lot and staying in great shape. It's almost like it has become an obsession. A lot of the other stuff in their life gets minimized and their business suffers and all that. Can you talk to us about the time, and has everything else, like your business, taken a back seat now? You were cranking out business and your health was bad but now, if your health cranks up, maybe your business is going to go down because you don't have as much time and focus.

We want to understand harmony. In the beginning, you don't understand. Everything is tied to health. If you're eating bad or poor or you are doing these things, it affects your creativity. You have brain fog or you’re lethargic. You're not eating up early. Your health is important because when you are a business person, most of your business is tied around the way you feel and think.

If you don't feel good as an entrepreneur, you don't even want to do anything. I need the energy. I also needed brain clarity, but what I've learned is that I needed what I needed later. It came later in life. Meditation and spiritual health came later. I'm like, “God, thank you for that.” It’s because health morphed from, “I want to change my body.”

I started understanding that health has more legs than eating and diet. It's a spiritual thing too. Our health is tied to our wealth. Now I understand how to meditate. I'm on another level. My breathing is important. We'll go through stress during the day or something, but we don't understand that correct breathing allows me to be centered again.

Therefore, I can start to say I can regroup. We all have to deal with upsets, especially in business too. I didn't have any business structures on how to deal with disappointment, failure, or certain things. As I evolved with health, I started to understand how to heal myself and have holistic healing. I would say I became a big meditation man. It transformed my life. Learning how to meditate helped me to say, “I can go to the next level with my self-love.”

I would tell everybody that for a few years, I had a very challenging and bad mental health episode. It helped me inside of my purpose as I was going through that. I have to see a therapist. I’m getting to the point of myself to admit that I need to do something about this. When I would see many people that were going through mental health issues, they are alone or scared, or the suicidal rates are high. You got people who got all this money and they'll think, “Why did he hurt himself? Why did he do this?”

It's because you have to realize that health is not stemming from our diet. We need mental health and also understand and take that seriously. After I went through a year or a year and a half of having bad mental health challenges, God blessed me with enough power to find self-love within myself. I started to love myself enough. Now I don't drink anymore. I was drinking all my life. I drank since I was fifteen. I just stopped drinking. I've been sober.

I haven't had a drink. I don't smoke. I don't do any of that anymore. As you're seeing a journey and it's going like this. Once you decide to say, “I'm ready to go,” it's a marathon. It's going to be a journey. It's not going to be a sprint, and it's not going to be easy. You feel so much love to say, “I'm still going,” because we evolve.

Anything we do, if we stay in it, it's heaven there. If you can stay in any place, then just stay there and believe that it's going to be great. It becomes better than what you have ever imagined it to be because there's going to be much that will evolve from your dedication that you're going to be staying locked in. It's a beautiful thing to stay locked in.

One last question, J, before we wrap up this show. Again, you said you didn't have a lot of support, especially at the beginning. You didn't have the people in your corner cheering you on and encouraging you. You had to stay locked in and focused. Sometimes, when you're on this journey and trying to grow yourself, especially in your diet, it sounds like your family and the people surrounding you didn't have a good diet.

Here you are, maybe looking like an outsider because you're trying to focus in on your diet. You're in certain social settings where you're not taking that drink, not eating that sugar, trying to order vegan ways, or whatever. You have to get over that. Is it still like that for you where you are a lone wolf, or are there people around you that they've learned to surround yourself and get encouragement from?

In life, it's contracts. What you want to find out is to elevate to be different. When you want to go to another level, you have to understand that whatever you're deciding to do, you're deciding to separate yourself from everyone because you're making a decision to do something about yourself. There’s only one of you. Once you decide to do something about yourself, you will automatically have separation.

What's going to happen is that people around you are used to seeing you the way that you are in the way they always see you. Once you start changing, you're transforming. I'm not the same person that I was before. Whatever you thought I was, I'm not that anymore and that's where the problem comes into place. Now I don't drink and smoke anymore. You have to respect me and the person I am now.

What you have to do is understand the pressure of people, what they think about you, or what they could possibly say. You have to get inside your own mind, love yourself, and stay connected to yourself because people are going to come around you. When I lost weight, I thought I was doing the right thing, but I got body shamed. I got talked about for being skinny. I was made fun of because I wanted to be healthy or the food choices. When everybody is going out to eat, they're inside the McDonald's in the line. We're all in the car, they order food, and I say I don't want any.

I'm looked at as, “Do you think you're better than us? You don't.” When you decide to elevate, you can believe you want to be an eagle. They don't soar with sparrows. They don't fly with crows. They don't do that. They're in a league of their own. We got to become eagles in our own right and state. Know that we are soaring out there. You think that they're lonely but they're in the state. They see other people that are on their level. They're way up there above the clouds.

IDP 112 | Health Tips
Health Tips: When you decide to elevate, you can definitely believe that you want to be an eagle. Eagles don’t soar with sparrows or fly with crows. They're in a league of their own. We've got to become eagles in our own right, in our own state, and know that we're soaring out there.

That's where we have to be. We have to become eagles in anything that we want to do. It's not a lonely thing. It's just something we decide because if you're somewhere, people around you are in the same mind state and frequency. It's all about attracting the right type of people on your frequency and staying there, then learning how to respect other people who don't want to do or live life the way you do and respect them. You'll get respect but you also got to understand you want to be different. Once you want to be different, understand that there are going to be people who want you to stay the same.

J, it's been an awesome show. What's one last piece of advice for our audience out there? Someone's hearing you and maybe they're ready to make this certain shift. All this is the same. Your whole journey, whether it's business, leveling up, doing multimillion-dollar deals, or transforming your health, all starts with you and your mindset to make that decision. Any last words of wisdom for our audience?

The only thing that I could possibly say is to love yourself and find your self-worth. Find your self-value and understand you are enough and important. We didn't grow up with an understanding of self-concept. Once I started to figure out that I was enough and my relationship with God, I would tell anybody to find out who you are and you'll find God. Once you find yourself, you'll find Him because He's inside of you. By finding yourself, you'll start to figure out who your Father is, how He loves you, and how He's made everything for you to benefit from.

If you don't find and love yourself, you are disconnected from your source. Now it's going to be an up-and-down lifestyle that you're going to have. You can be very disappointed. Even though we have trials and tribulations, we have a Father that truly loves us. When we start to evolve into the man or woman that He made us to be, that’s coming through self-love. That's what I would tell someone. Find myself, God, and life. That's what's been something for me. It’s learning how to love myself. I loved myself and started to do what things I felt I found myself with.

J, thank you much for being on the show. I wish you much success. It's been awesome hanging with you, OGs, Original Gangsters back in the day. I love you.

Blessings to you, your family, and your endeavors.

Thank you. You too, J. We'll see you.

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