Healthy Faith
May 4, 2022

Discipling To the Nations - How You Can Get Involved

Do you ever wonder how to be a missionary or disciple without going overseas? How can you get involved with discipleship?

Josh Howard, an American missionary, joins us on the podcast today to talk about his personal mission field in India and how you can get involved in missions from anywhere in the world. Discipleship is more than just serving in third world countries. Serving in your community at home or your city can be just as effective discipleship. Listen as we talk about the current state of the church, global missions, and how people can be involved even if they're not a missionary.

Josh Howard is an American missionary, but he travels to many other places to teach people of Christ. A few years ago, Josh went to India to do his job. He ended up finding a woman named Lashi Loll. They fell in love and got married in India. They have lived there ever since. They now have two sons, Josiah and Jeremiah. Josh and Lashi and their sons go to many places to tell people about God. Josh and Lashi now work at a children's home for orphans in India and still travel everywhere as evangelists.



JOSH'S MINISTRY - Central India Christian Mission