Healthy Self
June 3, 2022

Faith, Fatherhood, and Work - The Kinsmen Journal

Do you struggle in your faith, fatherhood, or work? Do you want to be a better husband? Do you want to be a better dad? Do you want to have more honoring and better work? Check out the Kinsmen Journal and everything it has to offer!

Join Peter Ostapko, founder and publisher of The Kinsmen Journal, and I as we go over the values and purpose behind this modern artifact that isn't a book but also isn't a magazine. It is a journal/publication aimed at Faith, Fatherhood, and Work. This journal is laden with amazing stories and images for men to relate to and have conversation about. Join us as we explore how to become a better father, worker, and man in this amazing podcast.

Peter is the Founder and Publisher of Kinsmen Journal. Publishing has long been a dream of his, though only in recent years did the dream become more clear. This platform and voice has been birthed out of his belief that God is good, and that each of us have a story to tell, because of a Savior that redeems.