Healthy Self
June 3, 2022

Mental Health In The Military

Are you a former military member trying to find someone to help you with your mental health? Did you know mental health problems can be seen as a weakness in the military? Listen how to help yourself with your mental health and what mental health in the military looks like.

Shelly Rood, founder of Others Over Self, joins us on the podcast this week to go over what life in the military is like and what mental health looks like for military members after serving? Mental health in the military and out of the military is something that hasn't been talked about much in the past and needs to be talked about more. So many current and former military members struggle with their mental wellness and are being told to "tough it out". On this podcast episode we talk with Shelly on what mental health, military life, and life outside of the military is like.

Shelly served in the United States Army Reserves for 16 years as an Intelligence Officer and now is a small business owner and ordained minister, advocating for selfless service in action. A Distinguished Military Graduate from Western Michigan University, Shelly graduates in May 2022 with her M.A. in Ministry Studies at Moody Theological Seminary. She is the creator of Others Over Self®, a leadership mindset serving people in positions of influence to make a lasting impact on others. Shelly facilitates the Warriors With Warriors Program: Connecting Spiritual Warriors with Earthly Warriors. She is happily married and is tackling the daily challenge of raising two boys in an increasingly self-focused society.