Healthy Self
June 3, 2022

Ten Biblical Principles For Christian Professionals

Have you ever struggled to align with the beliefs of your work? Get made fun of as a Christian? Listen on why these biblical principles will change how you act and approach the workplace.

Miranda Carls, author of "The Word at Work", joins us on the podcast this week to discuss 10 biblical principles for Christian professionals to follow. As a Christian in the workplace, it's hard to know what to do or what not to do. The world we live in today demands from us certain things that as Christians, we don't agree with. Award-winning author Miranda Carls released her book "The Word At Work" which goes over 10 biblical principles for Christians in the workplace. Tune in to this podcast to find out what they are and hear more from Miranda on what inspired her to write it.

Miranda Carls is an author, facilitator, and ICF-certified leadership and executive coach. Her experience spans the field of professional performance, learning, and development. She has worked with start-ups, non-profits, churches, mid-size organizations, and Fortune 500 companies. After spending some time managing the training and professional development functions of a large non-profit, Miranda spent 8 years at a successful learning strategy firm. Miranda is a contributor to the Gospel Coalition. Miranda lives outside of St. Louis, Missouri with her husband and three young sons. She enjoys spending time with her family, leading worship at her church, sewing, and getting immersed in a good book.