Healthy Self
June 3, 2022

Why You Need To Start Loving Yourself

Do you struggle with anxiety, stress, or worry? Brad Chandler and I go into why you need to start loving yourself and stop listening to untruths that the world has tried to tell you.

Brad Chandler, purpose filled coach and previous real estate mogul, join us on the podcast this week. Today the words anxiety, stress, and worry are thrown around like completely normal ways of life. Brad Chandler is here to tell you that by loving yourself and eliminating the things that cause stress and anxiety in your life, you can find happiness. We go over whether money leads to happiness and how money can alter the definition of happiness for you. We also dive into questions that everyone should be asking themselves about where they find their happiness. Join in to hear Brad's story and learn from his before it's too late to change yours.

Brad first got introduced to real estate when he read a book in 9th grade on how to buy houses. In 2002, an investor bought his neighbor's house in Vienna Virginia and after talking with the investor he decided to start Express Homebuyers. 20 years later Express Homebuyers has bought and sold 4,000 homes across the country and runs primarily without his involvement.  Brad's main focus is making an impact on the team members and the clients they serve by providing a customized solution that best addresses the client's individual needs. In early 2021 he went through a major life transformation and found freedom and happiness through self-love. In 2022, because of the profound shift, he felt obligated to share this path with others and started Brad Chandler Coaching.