Healthy Family
August 25, 2022

Family Revision - A Man Should Never Neglect His Family For Business

Our culture praises great entrepreneurs for their business success. But would we still praise them the same way if we knew they treated their families horribly?

Through most of history, a man who sought greatness while sacrificing his family wouldn't have been considered truly great. A man should never neglect his family in pursuit of selfish ambitions. But this is what many entrepreneurs do. How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life? Have you neglected your family for your business goals?

Jeremy Pryor talks about the shift of family values in our modern culture in his book, "Family Revision."

When we look at what the Bible says about a man and his wife and what the Bible says about children and parents, we see how big of a blessing family really is. We should view our family as a great treasure with more importance than our selfish business dreams.

When a man spends time with his family, he finds a greater reward and more fulfillment than any business goal could ever bring him.